Friday, May 6, 2016

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Injustice: Gods Among Us Moments

Welcome back to another exciting installment top five Fridays. So if you're a comic book nerd you probably know what movie comes out today: Captain America Civil while we are a DC blog I want to touch on the theme of Civil War, because actually had our own Civil War and it still going on. of course, I'm referring to injustice gods among us. For nearly 3 years we've watched a Civil War between superheroes of the DC universe. In one corner we have Superman with his regime prepared to make the world a better place by policing it while on the other we have Batman and his insurgency who fight the regime to keep the world free. Just like marvels civil war the injustice Civil War house had a LOT of memorable and emotional moments, and that's what we're going to be talking about today. As always this list is completely based on my opinion. if you don't see a moment you like, I apologize. Enough talk! Let's begin!

5: The Great Escape

What can I say about Year Four... That it was full of excitement when the Justice league went up against the gods of Olympus? ...nope. Yeah, while there are moments in Year Four that were impressive, the overall product was underwhelming. But there's one issue that trumped the Year and it didn't even have a god... That's right: Plastic Man has overtaken all the gods on this list with his plan to break out his son. This issue both shows the flawed but fun character of Eel O'Brien and genuinely how dangerous he actually  is. "But Jody," those who haven't read the annual would say, "how can I guy who's body can stretch and mold like elastic be a threat?" Well, picture a man who can mold his face into anyone's face, change the color to replicate any outfit, and stick his finger in any keyhole. And make the key... And that's if he wants to be sneaky! When he stretches out to hold back the water in the Super Max prison was bad ass, with a spice of humor created by his son. It's a fantastic escape that not only has more action than all of Year Four but also is a great character study of a hero that should have been in the war sooner. 

4: Mxyzptlk vs Trigon

In one corner we have what is the closest thing were going to get to the devil in the DC universe(Lucifer is in Vertigo). He's an enemy to the Teen Titans, and Father to one of its founders. The one, the only Trigon the Terrible! In the other corner, we have superman's secret supporter with the power people would link to being God-like. He's an annoying prick from the fifth dimension, but one who pulled the wool over both the characters and our own eyes. Don't try to make him say his name backward, it's Mxyzptlk! Now here's a better question: how has this fight never happened before? One can argue their goals don't really cross paths, and while that's true, think of their personalities. Trigon is a being who wishes to conquer and rule the earth with an iron fist... And Mxyzptlk just wants to have his own brand of fun, which is usually chaos. At one point or another the two would have collided and when they did, it was a glorious finale to Year Three. 

3: Fear Wins, Hope Dies

I know this is a strange way to name it, but if you'll give me a minute, I'll explain. When the final battle of The Lantern War of Year Two was happening, Superman called to the people of Earth to stand with him against the invading Green Lantern Corp... And they do! Why? Because in their eyes, they see the symbol of hope going against an invading alien force. Most of Superman's biggest atrocities (including the death of someone we'll get to later) have been behind closed doors or seen as acts of defending the homestead... That's when it all fell apart. A yellow ring found its way to Superman, and he heat visions right through Black Canary.... While she was streaming the action to the world. This is when the hope dies. Thanks to Black Canary, the world sees what Superman has become with her POV shot of her killed by heat vision: A Despotic fear monger... And fear monger he did. The moment supes is seen, all the fear powers his ring and allows superman to fight back and finish off the Corp by ending both Mogo and Ganthet. In the end, FEAR won over will, and HOPE for Superman turning back on his crusade died. 

2: Deaths in the Family

Year One... God, that feels like it was a long time ago... It was the year that started all of this war... And all of this death. There were a few deaths in the first year, mainly on Batman's side, but there are two that hit us hard, even though we know they were coming. The first one was Dick Grayson, who met his death after falling and cracking his neck. Why was this painful? Mainly because it was at this moment the Bat Family lost two of its children (the other being Damien who joined Superman), and Gotham lost one of its cherished protectors. Even the Asylum Inmates stood aside to allow Batman to take Nightwing's body without a fight. The other death was of our Emerald Archer, who met his at the ends of Superman's fists. The real depressing fact was that he knew he wasn't getting out of there, so he sacrificed himself to get the super pill (something that would have saved him) out to Batman for the insurgency. And if that's not depressing enough; his last thoughts? Black Canary, his pretty bird... Excuse me someone is cutting onions... 

1: The Dream

What if Metropolis wasn't destroyed? What if Superman saved Lois? What if the Joker was stopped? Questions like that circulated in many readers' minds as they years rolled by. When Tom Taylor was announced to leave, he said that his last chapter was actually going to be a What If of the world where Superman actually was able to hear that the Doomsday he fought was Lois and that he saved her. When the chapters came, they were the best of the series. We saw a world where Superman's dream of uniting the world actually worked... And there was no bloodshed. We see a new protector, Supergirl, rise up and unite humans and superheroes for a better cause. We see Dick and Oliver alive and happy with those they love most. We see the Joker still dead, and Batman pardoned for his murder. We see Diana being an ambassador for peace, the lanterns united, and the Titans free of the phantom zone. Finally, we see what Superman always truly wanted... A quiet life on the farm with Lois... That's when you sadly remember it's all a dream. A dream that can never come true. And while it was a bittersweet trip, it was a defining moment of the series. 

That's it for this week's Top 5 Friday! What's your favorite Injustice moment? Leave a comment and I'll see ya next time!


  1. Big fan of Alfred kick supermans ass moment.

    1. I think thats actually everyones #1 XD

    2. You don't know anything about dc comic books that's a fact