Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Detective Comics #938 Review

Jacob and the Batman

Written by: James Tynion IV
Art by: Alvaro Martinez, Raul Fernandez, Brad Anderson, Al Barrionuevo, Adriano Lucas and Marilyn Patrizio
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: August 10, 2016

I have been a huge supporter of this book from the moment it was announced, but even I have to
agree that it is getting to a "shit or get off the pot" point when it comes to action.  Sure, I have loved the interactions between the team and am intrigued by Colony and it's very personal connection with Kate Kane, but I want some punches and kicks and I want them from every single member of the team.  Last issue's cliffhanger points directly to just that, but you know how that can go, right?  So, do we get more talking or do we get some ass kicking?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with a "Many Years Ago" flashback showing Colonel Kane in what can only be the biggest moment of his life...both personally and professionally.  It's fitting that it is a crossroads moment showing the beginnings of the Colony and his love of his daughter.  It really is a very touching scene that puts everything we've been seeing in this series in a different light and makes the Colonel a little more likeable.

Back in the present, we get to see the Colonel put his tail between his legs and run just as we get what most fans of this book have been waiting for...a battle royale with Colony.  Hell yea!!!  It's not just the fighting that's awesome, however, but the way Team Batman is being coordinated.  Screw's obviously Team Batwoman and I loved it.  Kate steps up and takes full control of the team and even tells Batman to shut up and deal with it.  He does just that and we see that our Team is a kick ass combination of some pretty awesome characters.  It is such a great moment and I love every single member so much right now!

While the big fight is going on, we separate a bit and see Cassandra up against some tough odds and Tim up against the General.  Tynion continues writing the hell out of Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong as a psychopathic fanboy gone wrong and I love Tim's reaction to him.  I also love that he escapes in such a movie villain way.

After a pretty funny moment between Spoiler, Tim and some grenades, we get to see my favorite team member, Clayface, kicking ass and taking names.  I don't know about you guys, but when he called Batman "sir", it made me so damn happy!  Things don't remain happy, however, as we find out the truth behind the League of Shadows and what Colony is really up to.

The issue ends with Cassandra once again proving that she can hold her own against anyone, no matter how many "anyones" there are, that Kate is her own woman and that Tim Drake is still the smartest kid in the room.

While Tim may be smarter than Ulysses, Ulysses gives us a pretty cool cliffhanger page by showing that he is willing to cheat his way to the top and he doesn't care how many people he leaves in his wake.  Just a side note...I think the Bat Bullet Car system is going to come in handy real soon!

I've been asking for action and Tynion delivered here and the best part of it was that it wasn't just empty punches and kicks.  He used it to show just how much the team has gelled and I think that Batman may have been more impressed than me.  We also find out more about Colony just as they go rogue and set themselves up to be more of a villain than ever before.  Tynion continues delivering one of the best Rebirth books by evolving both the heroes and the villains as each issue progresses.

It doesn't hurt that this is consistently one of the best looking books that DC puts out.  Since the Rebirth issue, it's been about the characters and that continues this issue as well.  Alvaro Martinez really nails each character and I love his Clayface and Cassandra Cain.  I also want to mention Raul Fernandez's colors which have been great all along.  Al Barrionuevo's opening flashback art was good as well.  It had a Juan Ferreyra feel to it and that is meant as a total compliment.

Bits and Pieces:

This is the most action packed issue of this book since Rebirth started, but James Tynion doesn't just rely on that and mail the rest in.  He uses the action to show how far the team has come from top to bottom and I really enjoyed it.  The story moves forward by showing us that the Colony may be an even bigger threat now that they've been put in a corner and Batman and Company are going to have their hands full very soon.  The issue looked great and I am still enjoying the hell out of this series.



  1. so what are the odds tim dies next issue?

  2. I agree, this is a consistent book with good art. The two page spread where everyone is fighting is really fun. I don't think the lack of action bothered me as much as it seemed to bother others, but I'm glad it picked up for you Jim.

    Does it matter the Kate was unmasked? Seemed kind of easy to knock off ;) Maybe Batman should help her out with a better system.

  3. Totally agree Jim. This was a great book. We've seen the characters grow individually and as a team. The story and art were good. This issue continues the buildup to something really good.

  4. I felt like this was a dip below what the books been putting out, but only because it felt like rehash that got held up by some great action. It was still fun and great, but wasn't quite all there for me. I just feel like this twice monthly pacing has led to too much rehashing and reiteration of plot points when this pacing should be able to get rid of a lot of that because you're not catching people up after not reading for a month.

  5. Why does Kate wear a wig?? She looks so much better in her uniform with short hair.

  6. This book hasn't disappointed me yet.

  7. I appreciated getting to see this backstory as to why Colonel Kane is doing this, and that he actually cares about Kate.
    The full panel of all of them fighting was awesome. I laughed at Clayface’s stance, like he is showing off his skills. Then they send Orphan up to fight everyone on the upper deck.
    I do have to hand it to Clayface, everyone is using him as “a bridge” when just a few issues ago they were all used grappling guns to go through the city and left him behind.
    Pretty sure anywhere else th3_g3n3ral would be fired for making costly drones when his plan was shot down.
    Do you think Simon Baz is going to be targeted?

    1. Jim from the Future: Big things are coming your way