Tuesday, August 9, 2016

PREVIEW: The Flintstones #2

Written By: Mark Russell
Art By: Steve Pugh, Chris Chuckry
Lettered By: Dave Sharpe
Cover Price: $3.99

On Sale Date: August 10, 2016

Bone Depot, Tarpit, and other big box stores get Bedrock whipped into a buying frenzy while Fred gets trapped in a vitamin pill scam. Plus, Fred and Wilma experience a crisis of faith when they discover the bird god they worship also makes a great record player needle. 

Well, we've met the Flintstones, now let's learn about the things that make them tick! We'll approach the questions as anthropologists: What did they eat? What was their religion? How much was a six-pack of tube socks at Tarpit in their time? By sifting through shards of their pottery and their petrified droppings, we can gain a clearer picture on these prehistoric times, while all they had to do is adjust the stork neck antenna and whack the granite box television a couple of times.


  1. Huh Mark Russell wrote this, this might be good

  2. the art looks amazing. This has the makings of a timeless classic, no exxagerations;