Friday, August 12, 2016

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Story Arcs I Want As DC Animated Movies

Welcome to another cinematic Top 5 Friday! After the Killing Joke, I've been on a bit of a DC Animated Movie kick. How could I not? They are friggin great! The animation is superb, the voice actors are on point,  and they can tell a great story in a short amount of time. While I may have said what my favorites are, I felt that it was time for me to express what my story arcs I want to see made into these gems. Long time fans of the site remember that Eric did a similar list a while ago, but just like I always say: This list is opinion based, so if you don't see something you want, I apologize. Enough talk! Let's dive on in!

5: Gods and Monsters 2

Yes, I know the machinima series is getting a second season, but I want to see where the Justice League goes next now that they're going to try and go straight. Maybe they're trying but as expected their hitting resistance with people accepting it... That's when Bekka gets thrown into the tower of Justice and warns the other members that Highfather(a villain of this universe) is coming for Earth. When it's proven that it'll take more than superman, the league goes out to recruit the other 3 metahumans that were found in that time. The metahumans that will be in season 2; Green Lantern, Ms. Marvel and Steel. It will help expand an epic universe that deserves more coverage.

4: Green Arrow: Outsider's War

I know he isn't as big as the A-listers like Superman and Batman, but if the popularity of Arrow has proven anything, it's time for that the Emerald Archer to get his own time in the animated spotlight. Sure there are tons of fantastic stories in the Green Arrow Mythos, but I feel that the Outsiders War might be something that caters to everyone. You learn more of Oliver Queen's origin, this time from a different angle, epic action scenes between the clans, the mystic feeling we rarely get from the DCAU, and the family drama between Robert and his son. Just picture the final battle between all the clans as the Queens fight for the Arrow totem weapon. It would be an amazing thrill ride that will make newcomers question what's going on in the Green Arrow mythos.

3: Batman Endgame

Kevin Contoy's Batman and Mark Hamill's Joker. The two are very iconic in all of DC's animation. While I consider Batman: The Killing Joke 'okay' at best, the pair definitely makes the film rewatchable. Wouldn't you want to see them in the best chapter of Snyder's run? The entire arc feels like this is what Batman and Joker were fighting towards, and not just in the New 52. As Snyder put it, this was the way he envisioned batman dying if he could kill him. If it is the end, it should have the two most iconic versions take each other time for one "final" time. If the Killing Joke has proven anything, the pair can go into darker places that Endgame always wanted to go. The animation team could make some of Joker's crazier moments in the arc come to life in spectacular fashion. The court of owls may have been a bust, but there's still plenty of hope for this fantastic Snyder story.

2: Blackest Night

HOW HASN'T THIS BEEN MADE INTO A DC ANIMATED MOVIE YET?! It has popular characters going up against zombie lanterns! It has all the lantern corps teaming up against a singular enemy! Imagine every color of the rainbow blasting at Black Hand and Nekron, as the temporary Lanterns fly in and help. It would be the ultimate amalgamation between horror and action! I bet the main problem with it is the whole scope of the story. We can try and say that the event is a Green Lantern story, but let's face facts: It's a DC Universe story. It affected EVERYONE. There isn't anyway to encapsulate the event in a 75 minute movie. You would need 2 parts at the least, like the Dark Knight Returns. Speaking of epic stories...

1: Azzerello's Wonder Woman

This is definitely a 2 parter, if not 3 parter. We need another Wonder Woman movie than just the live action and that one animated movie. Wonder Woman is a badass with many great stories. However I believe that the Brian Azzerello run is the best option. Not only does it have epic battles and an amazing story, but it's a great story to anyone who doesn't know the story of Wonder Woman and the Greek Myths. To have the family drama and sibling conflicts in the Greek pantheon to play out on the side could make it a bit more mature and a little like Game of Thrones. So what could possibly put a cherry on top? How about seeing the friggin Firstborn fighting Wonder Woman and Ares during his first attack?! It's an epic that needs to be made, and that's why it's my number one.

That's it for this week's Top 5 Friday! What story arc do you want to see as a DC animated movie? Leave a comment and I'll see you next time!


  1. 1. James Robinsons "Starman"
    2. Red Hood: Lost Days
    3. JLI: Lost Generation
    4. Batman: Hush
    5. Superman: Kingdom Come

  2. Wonder Woman : Eyes of the Gorgon (aka Stoned)
    Justice League: The Golden Perfect
    Justice League; The Darkseid War

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