Monday, August 8, 2016

The Punisher #4 Review - Marvel Mondays

Stop Punishing Me!

Written by: Becky Cloonan
Art by: Steve Dillon, Frank Martin and Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 3, 2016

I can't say I'm a huge Punisher fan, but I can say that I was hoping that Becky Cloonan would help Cloonan books and almost always enjoy what she's selling.  I say almost always because one book I haven't enjoyed much is this one...The Punisher.  Maybe I expected too much going in, but instead of a brutal, action packed comic, I ended up pretty bored reading each issue of this series.  That's got to change, right?  Well, let's see if it does this month as I review The Punisher #4...
turn me into one.  While I haven't had much of a history with Frank Castle, I have read my fair share of

The issue opens with a little "like a good neighbor..." moment that was a good reminder of the end of last issue before speeding off to catch up with Frank Castle who is involved in a high speed chase.  Actually, it's more of a high speed shootout, but the shooting is pretty one sided and that side is trying to kill our anti-hero.

While this is going on, the DEA has gotten word that the Punisher is in town with a few days to kill and Ortiz and Henderson hitch a ride in a copter and head off to what is becoming a really crowded scene.

I will say one thing about this issue, it starts off pretty explosive and doesn't let up.  That's a good and a bad thing, however.  I love me some kick ass action movie scenes, but I'd prefer the Punisher to be more of a part here.  Sure, he has a little girl (Juniper) with him, but he is letting them both be a target.  On top of that, I really never thought anything would happen to him which kind of ruins all the tension of the scene.  We still have the action, though!

After establishing that Face (boy, I wish it was actually Dirk Benedict!) isn't a man who gives up, we get one of the better scenes in the book as a piece of shit biker ends up under the wheels of Frank's van.  Brutal, yes...but totally deserved!

After a stop at the Exeter Mental Hospital where we see shit is getting real, it's back to the rootin' shootin' convoy where Ortiz and Henderson have caught up and joined the battle.  Again, things get pretty brutal, but it doesn't really involve Frank.  That changes a bit as Juniper comes up with a crazy idea...that just may work.  There are plenty of explosions and a lot of gunfire and when the smoke clears, Juniper is in safer hands, Face has a cop car for his very own, Ortiz is less a partner and pretty pissed off and Frank Castle has gone of to a crazy, complicated place.

This issue is a step up from last issue in the action department.  I guess that Cloonan is going at this book by showing people reacting to the Frank rather than have him get fully involved, but I want to see the Punisher!  Maybe that's because I haven't really ever seen that, but I wants what I wants and so far, I'm not getting it here.

Steve Dillon's art is good, but comes off more as "serviceable" because not a whole lot happens.  Yes, there is a big chase scene and explosions galore...but not much really happens.  Dillon does handle everything he is given and I commend him for that.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue is a step up from last issue, but still feels padded out.  I'd say it's setup heavy, but it doesn't really set up much.  My biggest complaint is the almost complete lack of anything interesting for Frank Castle to do, let alone the Punisher.  Hopefully that changes soon because I am getting very impatient waiting for something to happen.


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