Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Teen Titans Go! Chapter #34 Review

'Elo Luv

Written by: Derek Fridolfs
Art by: Derek Fridolfs, Jeremy Lawson and Wes Abbott
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: August 9, 2016

The best thing about the Teen Titans Go! book is that you can jump in and out whenever you feel the urge and never really miss a beat.  That's only one of the reasons I really like it, though, with the others ranging from being all-ages appropriate, hilarious and...really hilarious.  Did I mention that it's hilarious?!?  This chapter features Derek Fridolfs on double duty as the writer and artist.  So, how did he do?  Let's find out...

The issue opens up on "Titans Day" in Jump City.  The Titans have been invited to the big celebration downtown by the Governor and while Beast Boy smells pizza, I smell something fishy!  Seriously, Titans Day?!?

As the Titans dig into the impressive spread (it really made me hungry for...just about anything and everything!), we get a quick hint at who is behind it all.  Before we get any more information on that front, however, we find out that the team has been shrunk down to the size of little, tiny bugs.

Fridolfs does a really good job with the dialogue in this chapter.  Not only is it spot on to what you'd expect in this comic and the television show, but he drops a couple of pretty sly jokes for us adults to laugh at as the younger set giggles at the predicament the Titans have found themselves in.

As the Titans adjust to their much bigger surroundings, we see who the big bad is.  It's Mad Mod and I laughed at just that, but also at his Dick Van Dyke style cockney accent.  There are also a couple of British stereotypes that made me laugh and since I am the son of a Brit, I am allowed to do so without any sort of guilt or remorse!

Things get crazier as the Titans problems get much larger and the issue continues with Mad Mod on the run from Godzilla sized (and one looking) Titans.  The issue comes to an end with the day saved and the bad guy in jail, but it looks like Jump City won't be holding another Titans Day for a long, long time.

This chapter was a quick read and while the story was just a setup for some fun action, it was just action.  Derek Fridolfs writes the Titans spot on and the jokes are thrown at the reader a mile a minute and most of them hit.  If you have anyone in your life that is a Teen Titans Go! fan and want to get them into comics, this is a pretty good gateway issue to start them off with.

As much as I like to say that Derek Fridolfs can write the Titans, he's even better at drawing them.  This chapter looks like it came straight from the cartoon complete with a couple cool Easter Eggs as well.  I loved his Mad Mod design, but my favorite panel is Beast Boy stomping through the streets of Jump City as the citizens run in terror.

Bits and Pieces:

This is a fun little chapter of Teen Titans Go! that did exactly what I hoped it would do...make me smile.  Derek Fridolfs writes and draws the heck out of the Titans and if you are looking for a quick read to put you in a good mood, check it out.


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