Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Action Comics #966 Review and *SPOILERS*

Reporting For Duty

Written By: Dan Jurgens
Art By: Stephen Segovia, Art Thibert, Rob Leigh
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 26, 2016

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Oh, Action Comics and all those mysteries you want to throw at us without even a glimpse of resolution in the horizon............ What the hell is wrong with you Action Comics?  Give me some goddamn relief already!  Who knew you could get blue balls from a comic?  Anyway, in the previous issue we saw Lois Lane being drawn into her doppelganger's life through dreams she was having that were compelling her to find out what happened to the once Superwoman, Lois Lane....... Yeah, I'm already confused too.  Lousy doppelgangers.  All of last issue simply led Lois Lane to this Universe's version's apartment, where she was confronted by Lana Lang.......... also a Superwoman, who didn't seem too happy to see someone impersonate her dead friend.  Let's jump into this issue and see if these two women can talk out their problems or if Lois' investigation into her double leads her to be just as dead.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with us deviating from our Lois Lane story so we can get some father/son time in and it's a really wonderful scene, where Superman is training Jon to use his powers before the two race off to see who can get home first........... and to my surprise, it's Jon.  No, I'm not kidding, the boy makes the comment that not even The Flash could catch him and from the shocked look on Superman's face, I'm starting to think that little Jon might be on to something because while he may not have all the powers of his father, he certainly seems like he trumps him in some power areas.  Besides for the shock of that though, now that the boys are home and Lois is nowhere to be found, Clark has to explain to his son that his mom might not be home a lot in the coming days because she plans on getting back out in the world and doing something productive........ then he remarks about the meatballs he's making and how they're way better than Oliver's chili and I was just left wondering how the hell Jon would know anything about Green Arrow's spicy ass chili....... Just a weird shout out. 

Back in Metropolis, at Lois' apartment, Lana Lang wants some answers to who this Lois is and why she's impersonating her friend, but you can only say that you're not her, but you are her so many times before shit gets old.  Luckily, Lana brings up the fact that she knows the new Superman is Clark and this gets Lois to secretly call the house and Superman showing up to protect his wife.  It's at this point where everyone calms the hell down and Lois finally finds out what was on her double's computer that was getting her to have those strange ass dreams.......... but it's not anything that shines any light on why this Lois was dreaming of the other, it's only the New 52 Lois giving us the information we already had about her getting powers, getting sick and that if she's dead for Lois to take over her life and finish the book on Superman she was supposed to write.

In the end, Lana talks about how she's scared for Clark and her, but since Clark's powers aren't from the same source as hers, he believes he'll be fine, but it's all ignored once Lois starts talking about how she will assume her double's life so that the people that Lois loved won't be forced to realize that she died, but also because Lois seems bored at home.  As we close out this issue we see that things are going to get back to a little more action in Action Comics when that dude in the red ball cap summons someone who appears to be from Apokolips and the two say that they're going to kill the criminal.......... and since we see Apokolips with that Superman crest embossed on it, I'm saying they're going after Lex for leaving them.

That's it for this issue of Action Comics and while I was digging the departure of our normal style story so that we could spend some time focusing on Lois, there just wasn't a lot to this issue that we didn't already know from the previous one or if we're reading the Superwoman title already.  It was just a drawn out way to show us that Lois is going to be taking up her double's life........ and that Jon is fast as fuck out of nowhere.  Yeah, not too much at all and the big thing I was looking to find out about was why the hell Lois was having dreams about her dead double, but we got nothing there and I'm a bit pissed about that.  The art was fine in this issue, but there wasn't too much going on besides for people standing around and talking.  The part that really shines is the beginning with Clark and Jon but that's only a few pages so that's a bit disappointing too.  All in all, I'm not too fond of this issue, but I do look forward to some of our mysteries being answered in the upcoming issues.

Bits and Pieces:

While I was originally all about Lois getting some panel play in this series, this issue didn't really give us anything new and left a big question I had just hanging and it doesn't look like we're going to get any explanation to what got this arc started in the first place.  The art was fine, but this issue was just boring in the long run.



  1. I'm getting tired of this book. Action Comics keeps giving us more questions than answers and then moves on to the next story arc. I do want to see them explore Jon and his developing power set though.

    1. Im feeling the same the have the tone right just bo real story and in the end lois is a side character she doesnt need her own issue Alfred doesnt get his own issue in batman same thing and as for her taking over N52 Lois's life no one sees it as fucked up that you are hiding the fact she died and going to just have old Lois take her life, look old clark didnt take N52 Clarks life, and as for jon i just took it as kids are faster the the parents

    2. I do. I thinks seriously fucked up.

  2. This issue was a complete waste of time. Other than the last 2 pages, absolutely nothing new was revealed. Every other page was simply a rehash of what we already witnessed in other issues. A protracted conversation between father and son that took place over 5 pages that Clark summed up to Lois at the end of the issue in two sentences.

    And the revelation at the end does not inspire any interest for future issues. I was hoping the mystery man was a past rogue or known character, not a complete ridiculous looking unknown with doofus-looking friend. Superman has a rich history of characters. Why go 'new' with rebirth when one has so much history to draw upon? Bah. Huge disappointment.