Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Blue Beetle #2 Review and *SPOILERS*

Super Human Hook-Up

Written By: Keith Giffin
Art By: Scott Kolins, 
Romulo Fajardo Jr., Josh Reed
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 26, 2016

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Oh Blue Beetle, what has happened to you?  Yeah, while I like the fact that Ted Kord is being brought back into continuity, I feel like one of the best aspects of Blue Beetle is being forgotten because of it...... What I'm talking about is Jaime constantly talking to the scarab on his back and him trying to overcome its programming because it constantly wants to kill people....... Ah, the good ol' days.  Yeah, we have Ted to talk to now, but it isn't the same because the two are just constantly bickering and interrupting each other and it's because of this that it's hard to really get into the dialog of this series.  Anyway, in the previous issue we saw our two heroes investigating the disappearances of families in El Paso, which led to our hero taking on a shadow walking meta-human named Blot, but from where we left off with our hero being victorious, it seems that the victory was going to be short lived because Jaime was surrounded by a meta-human gang, known as The Posse.  Let's jump into this issue and see if Jaime's wearing the right colors or if Ted got our hero into a no win situation.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with me being very confused because as the last issue ended it seemed that Jaime was going to be confronted by the full force of The Posse, but here it seems that everyone is cool with one another, but that's not the thing that really confuses me because that previous cliffhanger was set up so we'd all think the worst.  The thing that confused me is that all of our characters are checking out a thirty foot hole in the house that Blue Beetle fought Blot in and apparently this is a thing that The Posse has found before, but it doesn't feel setup to me at all.  All of a sudden we have a mystery hole out of nowhere and our hero checking it out for.......... something and then nothing else.  We're all of a sudden done with the hole and never talk about it again....... Weird.  Anyway, we get introduced to the members of The Posse, who seem a little apprehensive about working with Blue Beetle, but for the most part, everyone seems cool with each other.  The members of The Posse are, Root, Blur, Nightcatcher, Sphish, Blot and Smokey and while Jaime tries to check out that mysterious hole, the rest of The Posse decide that they're going to see if anyone else in town as turned up missing and also get Blot to a doctor, but for some reason leave Blur behind to keep an eye on Jaime........... and even though the dialog is still trying, I found myself loving this section because Blur seems all horned up and looking to flirt with our hero, much to his dismay.

On top of Blur trying to hit on Jaime another big thing to this issue is all about how Jaime's mother Blanca has been secretly working for Ted Kord as a doctor for the meta-human gang members in the city and while it does seem that for the most part things are on the up and up with this, what with it just being a way to help people who need it, Jaime freaks the fuck out at the idea of his mother being with The Posse.  So yeah, just another thing for Jaime to be pissed at Ted about.  So Jaime flies off and Blur follows him and continuously makes advances at him and trying to snag a kiss from our hero, but she doesn't understand how the scarab is all about personal space and Jaime accidentally blasts her, which leads to somewhat of a fight, but ultimately Blur steals her kiss and then runs off once the leader of The Posse "Root" comes back and calls her away.  I wish I had that problem in high school, where a girl was just all about kissing me.......

In the end, Jaime heads home and confronts his mother about her helping The Posse, but ultimately that goes nowhere and the two just hug and tell each other that they love them, but something is definitely going on in El Paso, whether our hero sees it or not because Brenda and Paco see a boy just vanish out of nowhere, while walking home from school so it looks like we've got more than just big ass mystery holes to look forward to in this series.

That's it for this issue of Blue Beetle and while I still have an issue with the way that the dialog feels in this series, I do have to say that I really dug the interaction with Jaime and Blur here.  Yeah, it seemed like Blur was trying a little too hard so maybe it was a little forced, but even with that I found myself enjoying that section.  Really though, the dialog is the biggest problem with this book but all in all I can see this series actually being fun from what we got here and I found myself really enjoying the art in this issue probably more than I have previously.  Yeah, we don't really do much but make Jaime uncomfortable in this issue, but it was at least fun and hopefully this means that I can get on board with this series from here on out........ I just have to get over the dialog........ or it needs to change....... whatever comes first, but I'm stubborn as hell.

Bits and Pieces:

While I still have an issue with the way the dialog feels in this book, I have to admit that I at least had a good time reading this issue and love how uncomfortable our hero was throughout.  The art was great and I'm into the new characters revealed here, I just hope that I start liking our main characters more because their bickering is getting annoying.


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