Saturday, October 29, 2016

Wolfcop #1 Review

Drink Up Wolfcop, You Earned It

Written by: Max Marks
Art by: Arcana Studios
Story Editor: Lowell Dean
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 26, 2016
Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Review by: Ryan Douglas

Wolfcop makes its comic book debut. Wolfcop is originally a Canadian comedy horror film directed and written by Lowell Dean, released in 2014. The comic continues to follow Lou Garou (Wolfcop) and his friend Willie Higgins. The two are broken down in the middle of nowhere far from their hometown of Woodhaven right at dusk. The two cross paths with a Nazi cannibal biker gang. After close to being captured they are able to escape. They come to find out the biker gang is hiding out in a warehouse close by. Wolfcop has the plan to pay them a visit and shut down their late night feast.

Jumping right in, you a get a feel for both Lou and Willie. After breaking down on the road. Willie is freaking out while Lou is staying calm. Reading Willies dialogue they squeeze a lot in there showing his level of concern. I even started to get annoyed with him at first until Lou told him that he was getting a headache from Willie talking a mile a minute. Lou has no concern of the car being dead and is only worried about of cooler of booze. Right away for me, it set the mood the relationship between the two. You get a real sense of their friendship in these first few pages.

After a short time, the nazi biker gang come down the highway carrying two scared women in a sidecar tied up. Lou attempts to convince the gang to let the girls go. It doesn’t go well and they also end up hostages after Lou is bitten then head butted by a biker. Even the bikers are bothered by Willie’s motor mouth and tie his mouth shut. It was probably a good idea to shut him up cause the bikers were in for a surprise.

We get our first look at Lou’s transformation into Wolfcop just shortly after Lou comes out of being unconscious. He’s handcuffed in a sidecar with Willie. Lou’s watch alarm goes off and all hell breaks loose. You get a great sequence showing his transformation into Wolfcop and taking out 2 bikers before brutally killing all but one of the bikers who escapes. The intensity of his of his attack is drawn and colored with great detail.

After forming into Wolfcop he doesn’t speak much at all. This was the point I was actually glad Willie was with Wolfcop. I’m not sure the book could've carried itself with just very minimal dialogue from our main character. The two have great chemistry together whether Lou is Wolfcop or not. Even Willie never knows what Wolfcop is thinking and is just along for the ride with his friend. After saving the women from the biker gang, they are told the biker headquarters is a placed called The Meat Locker. There we get a quick introduction to the boss of the gang having a feast of is own.

Wolfcop who hasn’t said a word since leaving the dead bodies behind seems to have a plan. He’s able to sniff out these cannibal pigs and just wants another drink. Willie is definitely the comic relief of this book. Assuming Wolfcop has all sorts of superpowers, Willie asks him to use his “wolf vision” to count a number of men down below. Wolfcop gives Willie the same look I would have probably gave him for thinking an alcoholic werewolf has x-ray vision. Wolfcop has a plan and goes in guns blazing reminding me of something you would see in an 80’s action movie.

For the final act, Wolfcop goes up against the boss who he thought he killed after shooting him in the stomach. After being taken down easily by the boss it’s revealed the boss is actually an enormous hog. Wolfcop doesn’t stand a chance is impaled by the hogs tusk and picked up. Here we get the best panel of the entire book.

Wolfcop is able to grab his revolver and digs the nozzle up the hog's nose and blows his brains out. The panel is my favorite because of the colors used. You only see a black silhouette of the Hog and Wolfcop still impaled shooting out the brains of the Hog. The background provides the gravitas of the scene with the red blood splatter as the backdrop.

After bringing down the boss hog and bleeding out, all Wolfcop wants is a drink. The one thing that threw me off was the two riding off into the sunset. There just didn’t seem to be enough time to pass by for all this to occur. It wasn’t made clear throughout the book. But I can look past that for all the content we were provided within this first issue.

Having not seen the movie yet, which will be changing very soon. I really enjoyed this book and felt like I was watching a comedy/horror B-Movie unfold onto the pages. The way they wrapped up the story in one issue and moving on was very enjoyable. If each issue continues with the storytelling and art provided in this debut issue I’m all in. Especially if you enjoy movies like “From Dusk til Dawn” this book is for you.

Bits and Pieces:

If you haven’t seen the movie yet you won’t feel left out. Your provided with enough dialogue to get a feel for the characters. This is plenty of action and humor in this debut issue. The story even wraps up the arc in the debut issue. After reading you’ll still feel like it’s a cliffhanger only cause you want to continue on this journey with Wolfcop and his best buddy Willie right away.


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