Monday, October 24, 2016

Uncanny Inhumans #14 Review

Maximus! Maximus! (Gladiator Reference)

Written by: Charles Soule
Art by: Kim Jacinto, Antonio Fabela
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 19th, 2016
Review by: Christian Faulds 

*Non-spoilers and review at the bottom*

When we last left our heroes...sorry couldn’t resist, Tony was bearing down on New
Attilan with his army of suits(Iron Man not Armani). Queen Medusa had figured out who
was behind the attacks on Stark Industries and was heading home. Then we had
Maximus doing awesome Maximus things and taking down the lock down of New Attilan
so Tony’s army can come in. What is next for our intrepid super powered royal family
and all the power struggles they are involved in? Will Tony overreact or will cool heads
prevail? Let us read and find out.

In the throne room of New Attilan Black Bolt gets trap in some sort of force field bubble,
as Karnak proceeds to destroy a bunch of the Iron Man suits all badass like. As Karnak
does this Tony is in his control room talking to his gal Friday. She asks him how Karnak
is kicking ass and taking names to which he basically replies that Karnak does two
things. He kicks ass and chews bubble gum and Karnak is out of bubblegum. Karnak
slips through Tony’s fingers but he did get Black Bolt. Tony explains to Black Bolt that
he specifically designed the force field for him and that if Black Bolt tries to talk his way
out he will only kill himself.

Tony then monologues about how he doesn’t always have to win. He just can’t let bad
guys win and the Inhumans just had to make themselves bad guys. This monologue
goes on for awhile but through it he explains he is not the enemy. He is only doing this
so he can take Medusa into custody for killing his innocent employee’s. He isn’t doing
this because they attacked him, he is doing it because they killed people and Medusa
must be held accountable. As he is going on Medusa watches on and says that she
never gives up especially to the likes of Tony Stark.

Maximus is on the ground level of New Attilan with Triton who is exasperated and
asking him what he has done. Maximus says he doesn’t know, he just creates chaos
and improvises on what to do next. Triton is upset about this and then pulls his knife on
Maximus. Honestly, Triton what did you expect it is Maximus, it’s like bringing in a wolf
to your sheep farm and then getting upset that the wolf ate the sheep. Maximus gets
upset with a knife getting drawn at him and angrily tells him to put the knife away. He
tells Triton that with his mind control powers he could have forced all of this to happen
but then there would be no surprise. Maximus likes surprises. Trtion leaves to go help
the rest of the Inhumans to fight Tony, while Maximus just stays saying that it is all
wrapping up nicely.

A large gathering of Inhumans are in the central atrium and most of them are comforting
Iso. She is upset because she can’t understand how it all came to this. She is thinking
out loud wondering where Black Bolt is when Karnak drops in and tells her what
happened. He then goes on to tell her that she must lead the charge to getting the Iron
Man suits out of New Attilan because she was given the authority by Queen Medusa.
She heeds his advice and blasts away a bunch suits then puts up a shield while she
rallies the Inhumans to fight. As she gives a great moving speech the suits try to breach
the field and fail. Once she gets them inspired she lets down the barrier and all the
Inhumans there start attacking the suits and being badasses.

As they fight Karnak reveals that this fight here should just be a distraction so that he
and Iso can go to the throne room and bring down the shield that Tony erected around
New Attilan. As they make their way to the throne room they get stopped by the
hulkbuster armor. The Hulkbuster armor gets destroyed by a aerial attack from Triton.
As they get closer Tony tells Friday to activate his reserves. Remember that scene from
The Professional when Gary Oldman tell them to send in everyone? This scene
reminded me of that. So much escalation is happening it is really exciting. Just as Tony
is about to send the whole Kit and Kaboodle to New Attilan, Medusa shows up and tells
everyone to stop and destroys the shield.

Medusa drops in tells everyone to stand down and Tony tells her he accepts her
surrender. She tells him it wasn’t her that got his employees killed that it was her
husband in law Maximus. Tony disbelievingly says “That’s convenient”. As him and
Medusa talk Triton steps up and tells Tony that what Medusa says is true, he knows
because he helped Maximus do it. Medusa angrily assumes that Maximus used his
power but Triton corrects her. Tony asks where Maximus is and Triton says he could be
anywhere. Maximus leaves on a boat with the two prisoners he found last issue and
Tony takes Triton into custody. As he leaves he tells Medusa “For God’s sake get your
house in order.”

Bits and Pieces:

This was a good issue. There was action, and excitement. There was great tension and
resolution. I honestly can not wait to see what happens next. There is nothing I like
more than watching super powered royal family politics. What will happen next? I can
not wait.

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