Monday, October 31, 2016

Captain America: Steve Rogers #6 Review and *SPOILERS*


Written By: Nick Spencer
Art By: Javier Pina
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 26, 2016 
Publisher: Marvel

*Non-Spoiler and Score At The Bottom*

*In the tune of the Captain America 60's Cartoon Theme*
When Captain America continues to piss me off, 
it continues to make my brain feel mushy soft. 
If he’s lead to a fight in Civil War Two, 
and he sees an inhuman vision of his doom.
When Captain America continues to piss me off.

Yeah, well I was brought on as a reviewer/Top 5 writer, not a lyricist. Last issue, we watched Steve becoming a massive evil jerk as we see that he's the one who set up Banner's fall, attempted to MURDER Ulysses in his sleep to keep his secret, playing the heroes against one another, etc. I want to say this book suffers the same way all the books have with the failing Civil War tie-ins, but truthfully the reasons I have been hating this book more and more isn't because of the War... It's because of Steve Rogers. But I'm getting ahead of myself. We ended last issue with the same way Civil War II #5 ended: The vision of Steve's death at the hands of Miles Morales. How will Steve react? Let's dive in and see...

We open up with a flashback that involves the head of the "HYDRA youth" making a report about Steve Rogers progress so far. If you know Steve Rogers childhood, that being he was physically weak, you can probably yes it doesn't go over well with Nazis. While he's been able to excel and problem-solving, the head of HYDRA believes that it's time for Steve to die.

Back in the present, The fight between the two superhero factions ends with the vision of Miles Morales killing Steve. While tweedle dumb(Iron Man) and tweedle idiot(Captain Marvel) begin to Bicker, Steve pushes them aside to talk down miles. The way he speaks and approaches this problem make you remember that this is Steve Rogers... If we didn't get the HYDRA opening, one would think he's regular again. However, that's where things get a little messed up... Not only does Steve believe that he's going to die, but he's also ready to face it head on! It's like a twisted version of his famous "No. You move" philosophy!
Going back to the flashback, we see Steve try and make a run for it, as he obviously doesn't trust these guys who kidnapped from his mom. As he gets out into the woods, the Kraken stops him. Before you start quoting Pirates of the Caribbean, the Kraken of the Marvel universe is a HYDRA assassin.  He explains to young Steve that it's perfectly natural to want to run away, and he will gladly let him go… But that's when he began explaining his ideology, going on about how united they're stronger and they no longer need bureaucrats to lead them. Stephen tries to say that HYDRA killed his mom, but the Cracken what's that feeling to rush and promises that one day he will see her again. He offers his hand to Steve, promising that they can save the world together.

Back in the present, Steve muses internally over how he was able to fool everyone but then realizes that they are all looking at him because they now have a feeling he will die.

Iron Man takes Steve up to the roof of their base, and they have a 'heart to heart.' Why did I put that in quotes? Well despite all the talk, the real point of this conversation between the two is really just Steve trying to make Tony doubt himself before the final battle of the Civil War. Tactically it makes sense, and definitely fits the whole 'HYDRA double agent' persona that Nick Spencer has been pushing... But it doesn't sound like Steve Rogers. The reason why I liked the first three issue of this series over the three tie-ins we have gotten so far is that, despite all the cloak and dagger of this double agent business, he still acted like Steve Rogers. He still put his life on the line to save his fellow HYDRA Agents, and at least acted like he cared of his fellow Avengers. When these tie-ins come in, any characterization that you know of Rogers is shot down like Bruce Banner in the main book. When he isn't pulling strings from the shadows, he's demeaning the factions leaders, just so he has a chance to become the new head of HYDRA... Nick Spencer focused so much on the soldier aspect of the Cap; he forgot about the personality that he HAD to act like. 
The book ends with S.H.I.E.L.D. locating Miles, who is located at the Capital where he will 'kill Captain America,' all the while Rick Jones is noting how this WHOLE WAR could have been avoided if they all just watched Minority Report. Steve explains to Selvig that he WILL go to the Capital because that is his fate. If he dies, he will die in the glorious name of HYDRA.

Bits and Pieces:
This Tie-In arc of Civil War II has left me more furious than anything else. Steve Rogers being the villain in this arc pissed me off more than ANYTHING I have read this year(Yes, that includes Europa and Master Race), and the annoying plot points from Civil War II are made worse when you see Steve's part in them. The only saving graces of this book are Javier Pina's art, and some humor that Spencer sprinkled in. The book looks fantastic and makes me wish this story was just as good.



  1. Yeah, it was a pretty amazing issue so I disagree with you there. Seeing Cap Hydra being so smart and evil is so awesome. I'm loving Steve Rogers as a villain and thought his tie-ins to CWll are some of the best tie-ins to a horrible event.

    1. I'm gonna have to disagree with you. It feels like bendis asked Steve to be extra evil JUST for this event to have a shadowy villain cuz(I agree with you here) it's a bad event

      I think the best tie in right now is the Patsy Walker tie in

    2. But hey, if someone's enjoying it, I guess the series will love long enough to see the triumphant return