Monday, October 31, 2016

Civil War II #6 Review

Welcome to the Suck

Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: David Marquez, Justin Ponsor 
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: October 26, 2016
Review by: Branden Murray

I’ve been a big critic of this event for a large number of reasons I have no problem being vocal about. I do however hope that when a new issue drops, whenever Marvel feels like releasing one, things turn around and my opinion changes. I pay my own hard earned money for these comics. I don’t buy them with the intention of wasting money or to just be angry about something but I feel that’s largely been the case so far with Civil War II and anything tied into it. With no further setup necessary regarding my feelings let’s all dig into issue six and see if I can finally become converted into a believer of this storyline.

In case anybody forgot last issues cliffhanger the first three to four pages recap in conversation form exactly what has just occurred and where we stand after a quick cease fire. Iron-Man and Captain Marvel continue their philosophical argument over whether or not she has the right to arrest Miles Morales (Spider-Man) proceeding Ulysses latest vision. Captain America steps in, to be the voice of reason despite the vision of his death, allowing the young hero to “go home”, at Miles request. 


Out of nowhere the ultimate Marvel shit starter, Maria Hill, arrives to arrest everyone and her threat almost escalates the situation again. T’Challa, sensing enough nonsense for one day, quits team Marvel and in the proceeding distraction buys Dr. Strange enough time to “magic” team Iron-Man out of the area. Meanwhile Medusa seemingly also turns her back on team Marvel, who looks to be losing her grip, teleporting the members she brought out of dodge back to New Attilan. Upon their arrival home however it looks like everybody’s least favorite pal Ulysses is up to some sinister shit but we never find out much more than that.

The remaining pages are what’s left of the two different teams licking their wounds as members of both sides of this conflict discuss how they’ll find Miles and what to do next. The young Avengers (now better known as the Champions) slip off away from team Iron-Man, to avoid the whole choosing sides fiasco altogether, in an attempt to look for Miles on their own. Things end with everyone no longer having to look and wonder any longer as Miles shows up on the steps of the Capital Building seemingly waiting for everyone to get this party started just like Ulysses vision predicted. RANT WARNING: Why he would do this? There better be free cupcakes. Why tempt all this nonsense with more nonsense? 

I hope everyone was prepared to read a pretty uneventful issue of Civil War II. While there were a handful of developments (Black Panther joining Iron-Man, beginning of the Champions, Ulysses tease) they’re barely given any space actual space in this book while the rest feels padded out with fluff. This issue mostly felt like a misguided attempt to make people sympathetic to Captain Marvel’s cause and character because the writer wants you to feel bad for her. However her actions throughout this storyline earn none of it and this story would be better without this issue for it. After a second read through I took even less out of the comic than the first time around and I swear I even paid attention and the TV was off. The art continues to be the only saving grace of this title but when the writer doesn’t give the artist anything to do it feels like Ponsor wastes his efforts. 


This has become worse than a bad book you can find hints of fun in. Civil War II has become a boring bloated book and the fact this issue provides no answers to the only interesting thing the title had going for it, last months cliffhanger, doesn’t do it any favors either. Each new issue is stuck in the same argument going around in circles since May and I’ve lost interest altogether. It’s like we’ve entered Westworld, for the over inflated cover price of $4.99, but instead of seeing something awesome occur in front of us the people around ignore you, only allowed to spew robot nonsense to each other, and nobody really cares as a result. 

Bits and Pieces:

Save your money since the answers are coming out in the Marvel Now line of books being published currently anyway. You’ll find answers there before this will event even sniffs the finish line anyway.



  1. This was actually the first issue of this book that I kind of liked. I liked seeing people actually coming to their senses and the kids then getting the hell out of there.

  2. I'm so over this event u can tell at points where shit has been added to pad out the extra issue they've added in. 100% the Champions bit was added in post completion by Bendis as a way to hype his skunk of an event because Champions have all the hype right now. Bendis is a hack and ruining more characters at Marvel than helping. Glad u found something to enjoy though I just want this to end.

  3. I think the only redemption of this issue was Steve being the one to calm miles down enough and letting him go down.