Monday, October 31, 2016

Spider-Man/Deadpool #10 Review

Adventures in the “Bro Cave”

Written by: Joe Kelly
Art by: Ed McGuinness, Mark Morales, Livesay, Jay Eisten
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 26, 2016
Review by: Branden Murray

When two of Marvel’s most popular characters get paired together you expect to see some fireworks. Spider-Man/Deadpool, throughout most the run so far, has brought the fire, and the works, hitting the right comedic notes, on top of being a consistently great comic, with intriguing story beats.  Issue ten, released this week, and concludes the first complete arc of our story, continues to deal with Itsy Bitsy, a villain created from Spider-Man and Deadpool’s own blood by Patient Zero.  So let’s get right into things here and see how Spidey and “Merc with a Mouth” deal with their latest, amongst a growing series, of problems.  

Our issue begins with our two title heroes taking time for a hang in Deadpool’s secret man cave. This is where Deadpool keeps all his things his wife doesn’t allow him to have in their house, video games, toys, poster’s, you know life’s necessities to pass time. I think all fellow gentlemen living with women can relate to this idea.  Its not long before the villain known as Patient Zero crashes the party and catches these two by surprise.

Except for an introductory cheap shot to Deadpool’s groin, Patient Zero isn’t here to fight, he is seeking protection and offers the heroes a trade for their services.  After exchanging jokes about an unmasked Patient Zero’s unfortunate face, the heroes agree to this proposition, as long as Zero provides answers to the questions they’ve been seeking.  Just as the villains about to spill the beans and Zero’s identity to be revealed, mysterious webbing arrives out of nowhere, and slicing him to bits.  

Cue Itsy Bitsy entering the fray. While still a new character, her appearance reveals she holds an ideological difference in the way she wants to deal with villains she encounters, in comparison to how the reformed Deadpool and Spidey deal with them. Itsy Bitsy harasses Deadpool and Spider-man for not having the testicular fortitude to deal with villains the way she feels they should leading to this issues excellently crafted confrontation by McGuinness. Surprisingly Itsy Bitsy more than holds her own, basically dispatching our two heroes without much effort, as some classically hilarious jokes are traded back and forth.  

In the end Itsy Bitsy reveals she doesn’t want to fight the two responsible for her powers at all, she actually wants to team up with them ... I now sense a running theme here.  Spidey and Deadpool offer to accept the services, again, only if she refuses to continue the killing, even if it’s just of “bad men and people”. This compromise is unacceptable to Itsy as she starts fighting Marvel’s finest once again. 

Deadpool and Spidey continue to be outclassed leading to Deadpool deciding the best course of action is to blow the entire place to smithereens. The conclusion sees our villain run off to continue her quest, albeit disappointed in her former idols for not seeing things her way, while we are left with no idea if Spidey and Deadpool made it out at all … I'm thinking maybe, somehow.    

This was another consistently entertaining and hysterical issue of Spider-Man/Deadpool.  I absolutely think Joe Kelly is able to sneak into my brain and write some jokes that are right up my alley because I find them extremely pleasing.  This paired along with Ed. McGuinness’ pencils make each issue of this book, when their on it, a must own for me.  In the coming weeks we take another short break from the normal creative team, to get another side story from Penn and Teller no less, but I’m anxious for their return to pick back up where we left off here.  

Bits and Pieces:

Despite what felt like a mildly rushed conclusion in this issue, Spider-Man Deadpool continues to be one of the All-New All-Different lineups highlight comedy adventure books. With the abundance of Spider-Man and Deadpool titles that flood the market, it may be easy to overlook their team-up book, but Kelly and McGuinness are doing a hell of job at continuing to make this a must read each month for me. 


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