Monday, October 31, 2016

Ms. Marvel #12 Review and *SPOILERS* - Marvel Monday

I Would Go Most Anywhere To Feel Like I Belong

Written By: G. Willow Wilson
Art By: Mirka Andolfo, Ian Herring
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: October 26, 2016
Publisher: Marvel

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Ms. Marvel did something that very few books were able to do in the last couple months. It was able to directly tie-in to the Civil War II crossover and thrive while doing so. Not only were the stories that were told interesting and exciting to read, but they were also able to provide compelling plot twists and serious consequences for these characters going forward. Ms. Marvel always had a relationship with Carol Danvers but now they aren’t on the same side and Ms. Marvel had to stand up to Captain Marvel. In addition, the events of the tie-in seriously and negatively affected Kamala’s best friend Bruno and he has to leave the city and he wants nothing to do with Kamala anymore. G. Willow Wilson knows how to write an amazing comic book but now that the tie-in is over, I’m more than excited to see how Wilson takes us forward. Let’s stop talking and just jump into this book.

The issue begins in Newark Liberty International Airport where Kamala is stopped in line for a “random search”. After the experience, she makes her way to her terminal. She is going to be traveling to Pakistan to visit her relatives. She’s making the trip alone and she’s hoping that she is able to find something over there that she is missing right now. On her way to her own terminal, she sees Bruno boarding his flight to Wakanda and once again feels guilty about things. We cut to her arriving in Karachi where she is immediately met by her enormous family. They all hug her and surround her before they all leave together. They arrive at the family’s building and Kamala gets all settled in.

Kamala overhears someone complaining that they have to give up their room for her and so she steps out and introduces herself. The boy that was complaining is named Kareem and he immediately apologizes for his rudeness. Considering the entire building is inhabited by Kamala’s relatives she asks him how they are related and he says that they technically aren’t. He is the son on her mother’s friend from secondary school and they’ve welcomed him to live there while he studies for his university entrance exams. It’s at this time that Kareem is scolded because he is talking to a girl that hasn’t been properly introduced to him and he is only wearing his inside clothes so he takes his leave.
Kamala spends time with her family and she confides in her Naani (which means maternal grandmother). She came to Pakistan because she felt like an outsider in America but yet because she was in America, she now feels like an outsider in Pakistan. Her grandmother comforts her when they are interrupted by an explosion. It turns out that the water cartels have been blowing up municipal hydrants so that they can force people to buy water at a higher price. Kamala still struggles though. She participates in the traditions and does the touristy stuff in an attempt to sort her head out but she still feels like something is missing. Kamala is writing in her journal late at night when she is interrupted by another explosion.

She goes to her balcony to see the destruction and Kareem talks to her from his own balcony. Kamala decides that she can’t simply ignore the attacks anymore and she fashions a makeshift Ms. Marvel costume from what she finds in her closet. She finds three members of the cartel driving a truck and takes them out, driving the truck off of the road. The three members are beaten but they are okay. It is at this time that another hero arrives, he is known as The Red Dagger and he scolds Ms. Marvel because things are more complicated than she realizes. She even accidentally destroyed a water tanker. While the cartel may be dangerous, too many people see them as heroes because they provide water. He has to take them down without destroying tankers.

The two heroes talk for a while and Ms. Marvel decides that she was in the wrong. The Red Dagger simply tells her that she should try and contact the local heroes before she decides to jump into the action again. The two end on good terms though. It is in this time as Ms. Marvel though that Kamala realizes that she can’t simply move to find what is missing in her life. Regardless of where she is, those missing pieces are a part of her and she has to figure them out on her own. Kamala wakes up in the morning and has a cup of coffee. She runs into Kareem who is also enjoy a cup himself and the two talk. Kamala is going back to America but Kareem tells her that she is always welcome in here. Kamala thanks him and she remembers what he said. If everyone leaves, who is left to fix things? This is where the issue leaves us.

This book is so amazing. I cannot sing the praises of this book enough. First off, I’ll say that the art in this book is incredible. Every single page is an absolute pleasure to look at. The story in the book is just as good though and it really capitalizes on what Wilson set up in the previous story arc. However, this story also is a #1 in the Marvel NOW! lineup and it is one of the best points for new readers to jump on. This issue just has so much heart in it and I love everything about it. Honestly, I can only think of one small problem and that would be nitpicking more than an actual complaint. In my opinion, this is a perfect issue. There is awesome action, heartfelt moments, serious conversations, and even some chuckle worthy scenes. The best part is they all fit together perfectly and nothing feels sudden or out of place.

Bits and Pieces

Ms. Marvel starts off its Marvel NOW! imprint perfectly as it gives us a story that will be a great jumping on point for new readers while still continuing to deal with the consequences and issues that previous storylines introduced. The issue is funny, serious, heartwarming and everything in between and it does it all masterfully. Ms. Marvel has been one of my favorite books for a long time but with this issue, I consider it to be a must read for any comic fan.


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