Thursday, November 3, 2016

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 11/2/16

My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad

You know, it just occurred to me: by doing this article next week, I'm covering covers! Whoaa...nice batch this week, though it looks like some regular ones edged out the variants. One of them is sort of a personal pleasure of mine...why am I writing about the covers I'm going to write about? Read on and take a look!

Cyborg #4
Paul Pelletier & Scott Hanna with Guy Major
I like the design of this cover, but I really love the Kirby-style lines that make up the machine side of Cyborg's head. Reminds me of classic Fantastic Four.

Harley Quinn #7 variant
Bill Sinekiewicz
I think I like this cover because it's really spooky, even though I'm not sure what's happening here. It looks like a horror movie poster.

Superman #10
Patrick Gleason and Mick Gray
You have to love this cover if you have any feelings at all. This is the Super-Sons moment we've been waiting for! This thick-necked Batman reminds me of Ed McGuinness' art.

Aquaman #10 variant
Joshua Middleton
What is it with these Aquaman variants? They've been looking like awesome classic movie posters and book covers. All thanks to Joshua Middleton. Hey Josh, wanna design a logo for the site?

Green Arrow #10
Juan Ferrerya
Juan is back in the Green Arrow saddle, and he lets us know with this explosive cover. It's like a frame right out of an action movie, the perspective is just absolutely perfect.


  1. Good picks. I really thought the Green Lanterns had two great covers, both main and variant. I am also enjoying Andrew Robin's style in the Superman variant covers for the last 3 issues.

    1. You know, I came close to picking the Green Lanterns variant, with the splotchy-colored Baz, but I personally liked the Cyborg cover a little more. But it, along with the regular cover, are great in showing how experimenting with coloring can really make an image pop!

  2. Superman cover is my new phone wallpaper. So good!

  3. Wow! The MERA cover is now the wallpaper of my PSP, so much beauty!!!!!

  4. I don't read Aquaman, but I like that cover the best.