Monday, December 26, 2016

Occupy Avengers #2 Review - Marvel Monday

Writer: David F. Walker
Artist: Carlos Pacheco
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 21, 2016
Review by: Carl Hamlin

What would you do when being drowned by a man who can turn into water? Call him names to make him overly angry and hope he screws up? Yeah, that's Hawkeye’s idea of a plan.

We start this issue with a little bit of backstory on Red Wolf, being a man out of time who has lost his abilities, now on a journey to figure out the person he needs to be, so when he dies again he can pass onto the next world. Then we pick back up where we left our heroes about to be killed by Hydro-man when his boss stops him. The order to take them alive was still in place, and Hydro-man caves and drops Clint and Wolf.

Silas and Frank Fireheart watching the whole scene from above decide to follow the gang of bad guys taking Clint and Wolf away to try and save them, when they find out that the bad guys put a water pumping station on the reservation, stealing the clean water and pumping out poisoned water.

We swing down to Clint and Wolf tied up, already untying their knots. Wolf asks Clint what the plan of attack is:

Now loose the fight begins, while Red Wolf is fighting what seems to be everyone else, Clint takes on Hydro-man. His plan of attack, call him mocking names to piss him off. While the fight is getting into full swing, in rush Silas and Frank rush in to help. Silas steps up to the plate to help Clint by distracting Hydro-man and hits him with a taser. In steps the law complaining about jurisdictional authority and Clint and Wolf decides to keep this team up going.

Bits and Pieces:

Talk about a book that will probably fly under the radar and one I never thought I would like. The witty humor made this book go over the top for me. For a Social Justice Warrior I think this book did really well. Story paired with the art moved the book along, paired with the inner dialogue of Red Wolf this is definitely a book I would recommend giving a shot.


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