Friday, December 30, 2016

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Moments I Want to See in 2017

Welcome to the last Top 5 Friday of 2016!!! It has been an eventful year in the world of comics. The New 52 came to a close as Rebirth stepped up to the plate and the landscape for DC has changed because of it. A New Superman(both in China and America), Wally West returning with other old characters, new heroes and villains like Gotham Girl and Godspeed, etc. However, as the final hours of 2016 tick down, I find myself thinking about the next year and what I want to see, and that's what we'll be talking about today. As always, this is an opinion-based list, so if you see something you don't like, I apologize. With that out of the way, let us begin the final list!
5: The Answer of the Watchmen's Return

I think it's safe to say that Rebirth is a major hit. We can certainly thank the DC Universe Rebirth issue for that. It was full of nods to the past and present, as well as set up future storylines for this new age in DC history. While most have been covered so far, either through current arcs or nods to future ones, the biggest question remains unanswered: How are the Watchmen involved and why? As noted near the end of the original miniseries, Dr. Manhattan was heading to another universe to create new life, which many now associate as the central factor of Rebirth. Manhattan began altering reality to create his own world. While I do find him lacking emotion due to his power, I don't think he'd be quite so evil as to mess with an existing timeline. So what's going on? Who is Mr.Oz? How do the Watchmen play in? Let's hope that answer comes as soon as possible!

4: A Proper Conclusion to The Master Race

If it wasn't made obvious by Reggie taking over for the Dark Knight: The Master Race, I kind of grew sick of it. It had a promising start, but it weighed heavily on me, and I just couldn't find enjoyment in it anymore. Mostly due to the fact that it returned to what I extremely disliked about Strikes Again: Batman is a god, and all the other heroes are useless. That being said, I do believe that there is a way to salvage it. That way is with an ending that pays respect to the past two series as well as the character. Batman must make the ultimate sacrifice. We've seen him ready to die in the past, as well as seeking a 'good death.' What better death is there than taking down a threat that even Superman and God Green Lantern couldn't beat?

3: Return of Blue Lanterns/Justice brought to Indigo Tribe

If you have read the upcoming solicitations, the Blue Lanterns are going to play a major part as the Green Lantern Corps seem to be searching for them in their next arc. While the chances of them being here to stay are high, I have to say that my hope is doubtful. Pun aside, them returning would be an excellent symbol of Rebirth in the Lantern mythos. Ever since the blue light died at the hands of Relic, the universe has grown dark. Hal Jordan became a renegade, the galaxy grew to despise the Green Lanterns, the Red Lanterns invaded earth(TWICE), Kyle Rayner became a terrorist, the list goes on. The moment we saw Saint Walker put his ring back on in Godhead, I knew that this would be a new age for the Blue Lanterns!
Speaking of Godhead, a small thing I want to be resolved is the Lanterns confronting the Indigo tribe on their betrayal. While I don't want an all-out war with the tribe, I want some resolution to it as it was just pushed aside when DCYou began.

2: Both Supermen to Stay

The next major arc in Superman's story is apparently going to bring the Man of Steel back to life. When I say that, I mean the New 52 Superman. The thought of him returning makes me happy... but also worried. On the one hand, it might be better story wise to have N52 Supes to play his part in helping out the Justice League and, hypothetically speaking, training Kenan Kong as the world is used to THAT Superman flying around. On the other hand, Rebirth Superman has been very popular and relatable with the audience. Having both versions of Superman might make the superfamily feel unnecessarily crowded. The obvious response is removing one from the grand equation, either through death or through depowering. While the Rebirth Superman will stay as the main Supes, but I believe we can have both supermen. Have N52 Supes take Rebirth's place in the league and Trinity series, and let the big man stay with his own series and action comics. That way we can have the more personal stories and adventures of Clark Smith as well as a League with their own Man of Steel.

Marvel Mention: Steve Rogers Returns(Again!)

I won't lie when I say that a part of me was intrigued to see where Cap's story would go after he uttered 'Hail Hydra' at the end of the first issue to his series. Steve has always seemed like the incorruptible moral center of the Marvel universe as Superman has been in the DC universe, so to see him go completely reversed of what he was made me interested in what will happen... especially how will the other heroes fix the problem. However, this intrigue diminished thanks to the bad tie-ins to Civil War II and the extreme lengths Cap is going to defeating the Red Skull(KIDNAPPING A CHIUTARI QUEEN?!). Thankfully in the most recent issue also had the new Quasar begin her hunt for Winter Soldier and Kobik, the only one who can change Cap back to his old self, so his days as "Captain Hydra" are numbered.

1: Earth 2 Rebirth(PLEASE!!)

FOR THE LOVE OF EVERY GOD, OLD AND NEW, GIVE US BACK EARTH 2!!! Okay okay. Sorry, I get hot blooded when thinking on the topic. Now I'm not saying that Dan Abnett's run on Earth 2 Society is bad. On the contrary, his run shows me that there is still great characters and conflict that can make a path to a Rebirth. Ever since the defeat of Brutaal, Superman's Apokolypian clone, Earth 2(both series and setting) have been quite a mess. It felt like the same storyline over and over: a war between X and X. 

Earth 2 vs. Apokolips, Earth 2 vs. Apokolips(second. wave), Earth 2 vs. Baddies of Convergence, Neotropolis vs. New Gotham, etc. It just felt like that Earth 2 should have been called Warworld! In the most recent arcs, we find our heroes fighting a supervillain again, and it feels great that it's finally returned to form... Unfortunately it now looks like the series is cancelled, with it ending in February. Hopefully, this cancellation is to make room for a Rebirth(If you want to see what I think would make Earth 2 great again, click HERE ) or a new JSA book. We just need to see what the coming year holds.

That's it for this week's Top 5 Fridays! Thank you all for reading these lists, it's always fun to write them. What do you want to see next year in the world of DC? Leave a comment, and I'll see you next year!


  1. Can't agree more with your number 1. I really just want to see some kind of transition to move into. It's been nothing but war after war and I haven't even been reading that long. I just want to see a transition into a new status quo. Why did they waste the chance for a fresh restart? Why?!

  2. Yep, that number 1 is what I want also. I have read EVERY F***ING Earth 2 book in the New 52 and beyond, including all of World's Finest and Earth 2: World's End. I'm so heavily incested, if there's no rebirth for this series, I might go insane.

    1. Wow. Just saw that I'm heavily "incested." Well, my caretaker is my sister is my wife, so...

  3. Good list, but for me it's:
    1. N52 Supermans Return
    2. The Return of Tim Drake
    3. Dr. Manhattan's DC Back story
    4. More crossovers for characters that don't happen to be on the god awful Justice League.
    5. No more Truth, Lies bullshit retcons.