Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Super Powers #2 Review

Danger Zone

Written by: Art Baltazar
Art by: Art Baltazar and Franco
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: December 28, 2016

I don't care what anyone says about who this book is aimed at because it is aimed right at me!  Yep,
this is my type of jam and Baltazar and Franco make it so easy to like.  After their Tiny Titans book, I've been waiting for something to give me my cute fix and low and behold, they are back with Super Powers and all is right in the world.  Sure, I love the more "adult" fare that DC puts out as well, but nothing beats setting aside a couple minutes to actually smile or even laugh, god forbid!  That's what I do every time I read a book by these two and the first issue of Super Powers was no exception.  So, does it all continue with this issue.  It's hard to imagine it won't, but I will leave that sort of talk for my review.

The issue opens up with Superman in the evil clutches of Lex Luthor.  While Lex tries to figure out how best to describe his big brain, Wonder Woman shows up and saves the Man of Steel.  While he gets some R&R in the Fortress of Solitude, trouble is brewing in Central City.

One of the best things about this book (and Baltazar and Franco's others) is seeing all the crazy characters that show up.  It can either be a cool easter egg for veterans, but also a nice little introduction for newer (younger?) readers.  It was so nice to see Krypto!

The coolness continues in Central City when Composite Superman shows up looking for trouble...and the "Kryptonian".  Batman shows up just as Unknown Superman arrives and the reader is getting a history lesson along with Flash.

Meanwhile on New Krypton, a pregnant Lara and Jor-El are visited by Zod who has some cryptic comments about the baby to be in Lara's belly.  After they leave, Zod meets with Brainiac and the two have some villain talk.  Again, this is just three pages and has more awesomeness than some arcs in the regular books.

Back in Central City, Unknown Superman teams up with Batman to take down Composite Superman, but even as he is being taken back to the Future, the mystery of who the "Kryptonian" he was after remains.  Superman?  Supergirl?  Krypto?  Pleas don't make it be Krypto!

The issue ends with the reader finding out answer and it's hilarious in a "Who is the Daddy" kind of way.  The whole thing goes back to what Zod was yelling about earlier in the issue, but I still think Lara has some explaining to do!  Actually, she doesn't, but it makes me laugh thinking about it.

This is another quick read, full of easter eggs that will put a smile on your face for sure.  If you have enjoyed Baltazar and Franco's books before, this is a no brainer.  If you have a young one who wants to get into DC Comics and you are looking for an all-ages comic to give them, this is a no brainer.  Actually, this is just a no brainer...go buy it!

Bits and Pieces:

Art Baltazar and Franco are at it again!  This book will put a smile on old and new DC fans alike and I can't recommend it enough.


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