Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wolfcop #3 Review

Wolfcop v Terminator v Kaiju

Written by: Max Marks
Art by: Allan Ottero, Arcana Studios and Chris Barrett
Cover Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: 12/28/16
Review by: Ryan Douglas

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I've enjoyed this book since the start of the series tremendously. It has been my go to read for non-superhero stories. There are plenty of comedic moments with 80’s type action-packed panels. Issue three has arrived, let’s dive into this and see if it continues the hype I’ve given this book.  

Wolfcop is returning to Woodhaven post killing a biker gang, being attacked by zombie escort’s, and even losing his best pal Willie. Woodhaven may seem like a different universe once we see an interaction Wolfcop has soon. As we enter Woodhaven we see the aftermath of Wolfcop killing the mayor who ran the town. Here you may not know who he is referring to if you haven’t seen the original movie. Nonetheless, the town has turned into a savage land. All the crime has risen and has turned into the set from the future Purge movie. Wolfcop takes charge and starts gunning down thugs attempting to attack him with a butcher knife and a tire iron. It doesn’t take long for him to contain the chaos and show everyone Wolfcop is back in town.


Here is where I mentioned earlier Woodhaven turns into a different universe. Wolfcop walks up to Willie’s boarded up gun and ammo and breaks down the door. He’s welcomed to a shotgun blast to the head. There it’s revealed on the other side of the gun is Willie!? The two even trade dialogue mentioning the earlier issue and what happen to the two. If you read the last issue, you know Willie got his head chopped off. Wolfcop mentions as well that the incident happen. We’re given no backstory of what could’ve occurred to give insight into Willie’s reincarnation. Not only that, he has a completely different look. He resembles the look of the character from the original movie. Right away, I'm now confused, taken out of the book and this made it difficult to enjoy the rest of the issue. 

While still in the gun store, we get to see an old familiar face and that is Tina, Wolfcops partner. The reunion is quickly interrupted by a sniper blasting Wolfcop in the stomach. He is able to shoot the sniper in the eye. But that’s not enough, we get another cyborg all out, guns blazing. Once Wolfcop is able to get his hands on this guy, he quickly ends it by ripping off the cyborg's head. 

Now we’re in the last act and meet the big bad of the issue. He is an old blind man who’s been in plain sight at the start of this issue. He’s in the corner of a panel wearing a John 3:16 sign waiting for the apocalypse to come while the town goes to hell. Turns out though he is not a human and is a Kaiju size reptilian with several eyes all over his body. Seeing this transformation of the monster was pretty cool. We get a full-color page of the last form and it’s pretty gnarly looking. This monster is the last date you would bring home to your best pals wedding. Unless your friends are just as bonkers as you. It takes just about everything the team has to beat monster. The last twelve pages dedicated to showing the last showdown with this beast. They do manage to finally kill the monster and leaving Wolfcop wanting doughnuts. 

I mentioned earlier being taken out of the book after the “Willie Rebirth”. The comic still provides plenty of comedic and action moments that I’ve enjoyed in the previous two issues. The art continues to be okay and would have to say the best it’s been since the start. While it still hit all the other marks, I just can’t get over the return of Willie and them time traveling, now placing us in which feels like the movie universe. There wasn’t much info provided to give new readers a back story to understand the subtle references to the movie. This all could be setting up the upcoming sequel for the Wolfcop(movie) and reuniting the trio. It did not seem to fit with what Max Marks have shown us so far.  Since the start of this series, it’s always seemed like a new timeline for Wolfcop. 

Bits and Pieces:

I've loved the series so far, but I'll be interested to see where this story now goes. This issue only left me with several questions moving forward on the future of this title. My hype train has taken a slight halt until further notice. 


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