Monday, December 26, 2016

Star-Lord #1 Review - Marvel Monday

No Place Like Home
Written by: Chip Zdarsky
Art by: Kris Anka and Matthew Wilson
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 21, 2016
Review By: Carl Hamlin

Trapped on planet Earth, the star trekking adventurer Star-Lord is having to learn to embrace his human roots. With no friends on Earth what kind of trouble can Peter Quill get into?

We start off the story with Peter laying on the couch, watching TV and drinking a beer, he's really embraced his human side, at 11:00AM. Still trying to learn the rules that humans have put into place on earth Peter is sent out of his apartment by Brand a member of Alpha Flight who is paying for his apartment. She hands him a cellphone with the numbers of all his known Earth associates. It only contains two numbers Howard the Duck and Kitty Price:

After getting chewed out by Howard, Peter decides to take his advice and goes to an art gallery, where he runs into his ex-fiancé: Kitty Price. Extremely lonely and just wanting to hang out with someone he asks her if she would like to do just that. Blowing him off, in steps Logan who tells him to just keep walking and not to make a scene.

We jump over to Tiny Brondah’s Ship Stop N’ More where we meet Victoria of Spartax where she is trying to eat in peace but is interrupted by someone who recognizes her. Where it is rubbed into her face that her father's legacy, ruler of Spartax, was passed onto her half-brother Peter Quill: who screwed up so bad that they kicked him out. None to happy about being reminded that because of Peter she will never rule over Spartax she kicks the crap out of him.

Peter now walking down the street comes across a guy asking for money. Willing to help him out he reaches into his pocket to give him some when they guy runs off. Thinking out loud that everyone hates him, Logan speaks up that it was him the guy was running from. Peter thinking this is where he gets his butt kicked by Logan is surprised when Logan offers to hang out with him at a bar.

Now at the bar Logan goes to work on Peter, clawlessly dissecting him by telling him that he understands what he's going through. Peter steps away to the bathroom when all hell breaks loose. The bar is attacked and Peter and Logan are fighting to survive, Peter saving a woman's life the story ends in a very unexpected way.

Bits and Pieces:

Marvel has been spot on with these number one issues, I am just hoping they can keep up the good work on this story. I honestly didn't know what I was walking into when I started reading this book seeing as I really had no history with the character but all in all I really liked the story, even though it started off slow I really enjoyed the humor that was in it. The art was enjoyable, and the ending left you ready for the next issue.


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