Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Batman #14 Review

The Cat and the Bat

Written by: Tom King
Art by: Mitch Gerards and Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: January 4, 2017

I am not talking out of school when I say that I was disappointed with how the I Am Suicide arc ended so I am looking at this epilogue to ease my pain.  Is that too much to ask from a two part Batman/Catwoman story?  Probably, but a man can dream, right?  So, does Tom King show us that he had a little more up his sleeve then we saw in Santa Prisca?  Let's find out...

The issue begins with Batman and Catwoman not caring about personal space. Yea, they are getting close up and personal as Batman tells Selina that Waller helped get rid of the death penalty of Selina's sentence.  Does this make sense in where we ended the previous arc going into the Justice League vs Suicide Squad event?  No, but I like it anyway.

The issue continues with Catwoman asking for "tonight" and Batman agreeing.  Now, I thought it was going to be a bit sexier (that's for later), but it's pretty action packed and even hilarious at points.  Tom King has had fun throughout his Batman run with classic and not-so classic villains showing up and that continues here.  Batman and Catwoman take down a colorful rogues gallery that would be more at home in the Batman '66 Universe and I loved it.  Clock King, Magpie, Condiment King...the list goes on and on.  Like I said, I loved it, but King can stop with the Kite Man's getting really old, really quick!

After all this fun, we head off where Catwoman has to grab the Victoria Cat...from herself.  Why?  It's full of diamonds, of course!  It's something she had set aside for when she needed it and this is the point where it hit me that she may indeed be going to jail for life.  NOOOO!!!

The issue ends with the sexiness promised earlier, but I won't go into details.  It's not really a spoiler per se, but kids may be reading the review.  Actually, I doubt that, but it's really something to experience for yourself.

Is this issue good?  Yes and no.  It's a nice issue to reestablish Bruce and Selina's relationship, but it just felt like a whole lot of nothing.  Maybe that is a bit harsh...maybe it's just not what I needed coming out of an arc that left me wanting so much more.  This felt more like an Annual story than an epilogue and I am still feeling disappointed in general.

I liked Mitch Gerards' art.  It's dark and gritty and there is nothing wrong with it at all.  It's also a bit forgettable without any standout panels that made me step back in wonder.

Bits and Pieces:

This is a very personal story that builds as it goes, but still left me wanting more.  As an epilogue, it doesn't answer the questions I wanted answered, but fans of Batman and Catwoman may enjoy it.  The art is good and really, there is nothing wrong with it, but nothing great either.



  1. Completely agree, from Kite-man, to the Waller bit not making sense, to wanting more from this epilogue. Come on...

  2. Read this with Wrong Turn guy voice as Batman's voice and it makes this comic feel about right.

  3. So it looks like Selina didn't kill those people, but is still okay going to prison for life... is she protecting someone? I don't know... I just want some straight answers. Getting a bit disappointed in this series right now. At least there's no mention of Harper Blow, so that's a plus...