Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Midnighter and Apollo #4 Review

Midnighter's Inferno

Written by: Steve Orlando
Art by: Fernando Blanco, Romulo Fajardo Jr and Josh Reed
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 4, 2017

This book has been such a pleasant surprise and is really one of the books I look forward to reading and reviewing every time it comes out.  I was not the biggest fan of Steve Orlando's DC You Midnighter book, but I did like the character and I loved Apollo.  Together, Midnighter and Apollo hit all the right notes and trying to save Apollo really gives Midnighter's fight computer something to mull over.  So, does this issue continue the hell of a good time?  Let's find out...

The issue opens in Hell and we get to see apollo and Neron discuss Apollo's place in the land down under.  As we saw last issue, Neron's game showed that Apollo belongs in Hell and not being able to leave, may just prove that as well.

We then head of to the Vascular Gardens where Midnighter and Mawzir are having a get together of their own.  As Mawzir trash talks, a smile comes across Midnighter's face...a smile readers of Steve Orlando's Midnighter books should know means ass is about to get kicked!

The issue jumps back and forth between the two scenes and at this point, Neron wants Apollo to just give up his soul as Mawzir and Midnighter engage in a bloody dance that ends in one of the best headbutts I've ever seen.  The scene may be a bit drawn out, but I'll forgive Orlando and Fernando Blanco because it is pretty awesome.

The issue continues with Apollo putting his soul on the line for just one question's answer and Apollo "convincing" the Lords of the Gun to point to where Neron and Apollo are.  The issue ends with Apollo seemingly in Neron's grasp as a bloody (even bloodier than usual) Midnighter final reaches his destination and it looks like there is about to be a fight to end all fights!

I really like this book!  This issue is a bit of a setup issue, but Steve Orlando still gives the reader some visceral action that puts a lot of other books to shame.  Gone is the forced dialogue of the past, now replaced by a razor sharp Midnighter who will stop at nothing to get his partner back.  I wish there were more than two more issues left and will be sad when this mini is over.

Fernando Blanco's art is another big reason I like this book so much.  It's gross, gritty and beautiful all rolled up into one.  Blanco keeps the whole "Midnighter look" going, but makes it so easy to follow which is a plus to a dummy like me!

Bits and Pieces:

Midnighter and Apollo continues to surprise me and is one of my favorite mini-series going right now.  Cheering on Midnighter as he fights his way to free Apollo feels natural and good and Fernando Blanco's art makes it all the better.  Recommended.


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  1. Even though I really liked the first arc of the first Midnighter book, I think I'm liking this more.

    I have a theory that Apollo actually won and was released but Neron is showing Midnighter that Apollo already lost so that he can maybe keep Midnighter instead. There was just something really weird about the skip from Apollo's wager to when Midnighter shows up. There is something there.