Monday, January 2, 2017

Prowler #3 Review

It’s Electro, Boogie, Woogie, Woogie

Writer: Sean Ryan
Art Team: Javier Saltares, Jamal Campbell
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: December 28, 2016

It’s another week on our calendar, so you know what that means; we get another Clone Conspiracy tie-in issue from Marvel, specifically Prowler #3 this time around. Now don’t get me wrong I’ve actually enjoyed the series so far to date more than I thought I would however I also begin to feel event fatigue quickly when I have to commit weekly to something. I’m a man that has struggles with commitment issues after all.  Back to comics, last issue Prowler was sent by Jackal to Alcatraz on a mission to investigate a curious lead, only to discover Madame Web (Julia Carpenter) was the one responsible for trying to hack New U headquarters. After a misunderstanding between the two parties about how to handle the burgeoning New U empire, the Prowler finds himself in a struggle for survival between forgetting his magic medicine and New Electro, and her continuously growing grudge, who shows up to spoil any party left in the old prison.

In our third issue events pick up from the minute we left off last month. Electro seizes the opportunity to take a few cheap shots at Prowler, both verbally and physically, literally beating a man while he’s down, like and evil 80’s wrestler. It’s a lot like a Sgt. Slaughter turned bad, only minus a sweet cobra clutch. Electro was sent to keep an eye on Prowler, bringing him back to New U when the mission is completed, but under specific instructions not kill him … it looks like those instructions have been forgotten.   

Prowler, sensing Electro’s bad vibes, jumps on an opportunity to escape through a nearby air vent while the villain’s distracted. For the majority of the rest of the issue the two characters play a game of cat and mouse with Prowler at this point just looking to escape this “nut bag” and make it to next issue. All he can do is literally stumble around like an episode 100 Eric Shea, he desperately needs his “Jackal medicine” to stay alive, and is from the looks of it shriveling to nothing while losing all strength at a rapid pace.

Things wind down in the issue when Electro finally catches back up to crawling Prowler after chasing him like the “crazy Ex” we’re ALL afraid of. A little bit of science trickery helps Prowler finally gain the upper hand for the first time this issue knocking out Electro affording him enough time to save the last of his strength to crawl outside to possible freedom.    Luckily freedom is exactly what Hoobie stumbles into, Julia Carpenter is conveniently there with a speedboat to be a Spider in shining armor, and the getaway driver Prowler desperately needed.

That’s all we have for this issue of Prowler tying into Clone Conspiracy, which provided a solidly entertaining action comic with some excellent art and coloring.  This continues to be a well-connected tie-in comic book to the main series actually filling us in on what some of these resurrected “bad guys” are up to while back in the picture for now.  Obviously the title character won’t be dying if the comic book is continuing beyond this issue but I’m intrigued to see how he gets out of this predicament and how some of these forgotten Spider men and women fit into the event as a whole.

Bits and Pieces

Overall this is an entertaining action filled romp that should hold the attention of people reading the Clone Conspiracy event.  


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