Thursday, January 5, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 1/4/17

Be the Comic Book Cover You Want to See in the World

Happy 2017! New year, same old list of best DC Comics comic book covers of the week. This week had a lot of comics, though not as many as the previous one. This time, however, I did have to pare the list down from about eight covers to my usual five. But there is an Honorable Mention, for Most Simultaneously Titillating and Nauseating Cover of the week!
I call this "Nausexyating"
Nightwing #12
Marcus To & Chris Sotomayor


 Midnighter and Apollo #4
Aco & Romulo Fajardo, Jr.
Covers comprised primarily of a person's face can be tricky to pull off. This one does it very well, partly because of the "ribbed" bullet in the foreground, but primarily because it's an awesome image of Midnighter's bloodied countenance. I could just see this smug prick being one of those people that stands too closely to you, too.

Batman #14
Stephanie Hans
The variant of this issue, by Tim Sale, also depicted Batman and Catwoman making nice, but it was downright pornographic. This cover captures the standoffish attraction between the two that is the hallmark of their relationship. And in two colors, no less! Suitable for framing.

Harley Quinn #11 variant
Frank Cho
This Victorian-era Joker and Harley is awesome, and I do think that coloring it would have detracted from the classic look of it. Maybe if done in black & white or sepia. Harley's severe look works great here, both per the style of late 18th Century photographs and paintings, and considering she is none too fond of the Joker these days. Also: boobs.

Green Arrow #14
Elonora Carlini, Carlos Rodriguez, Gus Vazquez
Some perspective, comin' atcha! What I really like about this picture is that Ollie is not coming towards you, but falling away from you, yet you can really see the image either way you wish. I like to pretend that Ollie threw a bunch of broken glass at the reader before firing three arrows into their guts. And for only $2.99!

Justice League #12 variant
Yanick Panquette and Nathan Fairbairn
There's something so bold and timeless about this cover, from the "team in action" posing to the ornate border that includes the characters' symbols. It's like something you expect to find in an undisturbed Egyptian tomb. Which, incidentally, should really freak out the person that found it.


  1. I'd would of put in Superman, it was really simple cover and at the same time had a lot of cool details in each of difference superman faces. Felt very much like what a "rebirth" issue should look and feel like. At the same time of the Rebirth curtain that works well for the harley quinn cover which was really classy and included the right kind of details including BOOOBS!

    1. You know, I did like that Superman cover, the composition was great but I thought it would have been incredible in color. But considering I picked the Harley Quinn cover that's also in black and white, maybe I should have been more lenient!

  2. The green Arrow cover is probably the best thing about the book this week. I think it's just lost me.