Thursday, January 5, 2017

Weird Science Best of 2016 Awards: Best Writer / Best Villain

The Weirdies are almost over and with each day comes even more important awards.  This round is for Best Writer and Best Villain and while sometimes that could be the same person, we will try to refrain from that sort of negativity.  Hopefully, it comes across how diverse and good this year's books were when you see our picks.

Best Villain

Jim's Pick: Mr. Oz

This was a very tough category for me this year.  While I could have gone with Mr. Bloom, Vandal Savage or Black Mask, I picked Mr. Oz.  Sure, we don't know much about him yet, but the guy did seem instrumental in the New 52 Superman's demise and snatched up both Doomsday and Tim Drake.  I have a sneaking suspicion that he is up to more than we know and may show up again in the Weirdies next year.

Reggie's Pick: Ray Delane of the Daily Planet

Sure, we don't know too much about Ray Delane, considering he was killed off-panel and his identity usurped by Black Manta in Aquaman #1, but I did some research and learned the following facts about Mr. Delane:
1. Ray Delane is a pedophile
2. Ray Delane stole from his church's collection plate
3. Ray Delane tells his wife he's working from home while blatantly looking at pornography
4. Ray Delane takes money from teenagers to buy them alcohol, then doesn't even give them the alcohol
5. Ray Delane puts ketchup on hot dogs
Clearly a villain of the highest order!

Eric's Pick: Grail

Who knows what's going on with Grail now that Wonder Woman's life is a web of lies, but for one story arc in 2016, she was the bad ass bitch who not only was the daughter of Darkseid, but who also had the Anti-Monitor wrapped around her little finger before kicking the shit out of the entire Justice League and Crime Syndicate.  Now, that's some villain action right there............. not to mention, she climbed out of Flash's mouth after using the Speed Force against him to actually make him a Boom Tube........ which was scary as hell.  

Best Writer:

Jim's Pick: Tom King

It's not just one book that puts Tom King on the top of my list, but a bunch.  Batman, Omega Men, Grayson (the Agent 37 Song!) and even Vision at some other comic company that shall not be named pretty much make him unstoppable.  Plus, if you still aren't convinced, get ahold of his Eisner nominated “Black Death in America” (HERE for Free) and I think you will agree with my pick.

Reggie's Pick: Garth Ennis

There simply hasn't been a comic with as many issues in 2016 that has pleased me as consistently as Hard-Travelin' Heroes. Ennis' satire and characterization is laser-sharp, and while I love to see him on this funny book, I'm not sure why he isn't writing one of the "main" titles. I hope it's because he doesn't want to, because excluding him from some of these more...troubled titles is really missing a trick. Garth Ennis is a great talent.

Eric's Pick: Geoff Johns

While I became burned out beyond belief from DC Comics in 2016 from the year long DCYou, there was one thing that kept me from actually doing something productive with my life by giving up comics and that was Geoff Johns' Darkseid War.  Yeah, Geoff could have freed up my spare time with a stinker of a story, but instead he knocked it out of the park and as a follow up brought us the DC Universe Rebirth Special before dropping the mic and showing Hollywood how it's done. 

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