Monday, February 13, 2017

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #4 Review

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #4

Writer: Gerry Conway
Art Team:  Ryan Stegman, Sonia Oback, & Jesus AburtovMarvel Comics
Release Date: February 8, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

‘Spiderling’ Knows Best  *Minor Spoilers*

If you’ve been reading this series along with me then you might agree that the creators have taken a slow approach to this opening arc by putting the focus on introducing the ‘Spider-Family’ to their audience, pretty in-depth, each of the last three issues.  Imagine my shock then, paging through this issue at first glance, when it started feeling like this opening act, for Peter and his family, would be concluding here and now!  So let’s discover just exactly how it all came crumbling down on Mole Man so quickly and if it felt rushed at all shall we … swing on in.

Things start out fast and furious with the entire Spider-Family on the run from Mole Man, being led by his goons, on a rolling laser canon.  I don’t have the best memory on this side of the Mississippi but I don’t remember the family escaping in the first place, which I would have liked to see, so this caught me off guard at the start. I also don’t remember Mole Man having a giant rolling laser canon, I do recall having access to Regent Technologies equipment though, so I’m more willing to roll with this bit.

Eventually the Spider-Family escapes this hairy situation but get themselves in a little bit of hot lava, when the two adults, Peter and M.J., fail to see eye to eye about the best way to go about helping each other out. While arguing things over, and distracted, Annie comes up with a clever solution to their current predicament. It involves her forcing the adults’ hands as they set aside their differences, for the well being of everyone, and spring back into action to take down this D list villain, who wouldn’t be much trouble without this ‘tech’ to begin with.

As the story surprisingly beings to wrap up, this combined attack of Peter, MJ, and Annie ends up being too much for Mole Man and his minions.  We see little Normie Osborn on the surface wondering around this compromised site of "his", angry like he spilled his milk all over the dinner table, the government is taking the Regent Technology into custody.  Finally, in a fun family bonding moment Spider-Man gives Annie her super hero name; bestowing upon her the moniker of Spiderling.  

So far this series, written by Gerry Conway, is a fun ‘else-worlds’ romp that has its strong moments in each issue so far throughout this four book series. This beginning arc was paced strangely though I wonder if Im the only one that feels that way? I’m also a little disappointed we didn’t get off to a stronger start villain wise, to be honest Mole Man after Regent is a huge step down, but the humor and family dynamics bring each issue up enough to make it an enjoyable Spider title to read each month.  Now that our re-introductions, post Secret Wars, are back out of the way I thing readers will be treated to a more fresh, story driven book, going forward. 

The art by Ryan Stegman, Sonia Oback, & Jesus Aburtov compliments the story perfectly.  The emotions on the characters faces, the new costumes, even the landscapes and background are all stellar to take in and absorb with your eyeballs.  

Bits and Pieces

Renew Your Vows continues to be a fun, family driven title, about watching a young hero find her way, under the guidance of a Marvel legend who also happens to be dear ol’ dad.  There’s enough humor, action, and even a few heart stealing moments in this issue to find something for everyone to enjoy here. Aside from a few pacing issues this arc overall this is truly a Spider book to share with the family.


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