Monday, February 13, 2017

The Unworthy Thor #4 Review and *SPOILERS* - Marvel Monday

What Began with a Whisper…

Written By: Jason Aaron
Art By: Olivier Coipel, Kim Jacinto, Frazer Irving, Esad Ribic, Russell Dauterman, Matthew Wilson, Matt Miller
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date:  February 8, 2016
Publisher: Marvel

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

The Unworthy Thor has certainly been good but a bit dull in my opinion. Granted, a large number of people are singing the praises of this book and I don’t want to seem like I’m not enjoying it, I’m simply saying that it could be better. That’s what I’m hoping for with this issue. There are only two issues left and The Odinson is about to charge into battle with his goat, a Hel Hound, and Beta Ray Bill backing him up. Unfortunately, he’s also facing the likes to The Collector and two members of Thanos’ personal guard. Things are about to go down in this issue and I can’t wait for them to come to a head. Let’s just jump right in shall we?

Our issue begins with a flashback to a very young Thor (when he was still called that). He continually struggles to lift the hammer but with no avail. His mother interrupts him telling him that he is obsessed and the desire for this hammer has driven him mad. She is able to calm her son and send him off to bed. We pick back up with The Odinson in the present who is fighting through the Collectors hordes on his way to Old Asgard where his new hammer lies. In Old Asgard, Thanos’ servants and the Collector are still engaged in combat when The Black Swan chooses to simply approach the hammer to claim it. She is flung backwards before she even comes close to the hammer. This is when they are interrupted. Seems that The Odinson and his allies have finally reached the hammer and all that stands between them is The Collector and Thanos’ servants. Needless to say, they immediately begin fighting.

This is when we get another flashback, this time to when Thor was worthy and in a relationship with Jane Foster. It is the morning and Thor stares at Mjolnir when Jane Foster, draped in only a blanket joins him. The two discuss the hammer and Thor tells her that he fears it. He stares at it every morning because he does not know if he will be worthy that day until he finally reaches out and picks up the hammer. He and Jane share a lovely conversation which ends in a kiss. We snap back to the battle in the present and the two groups exchange blows. Before too long, The Odinson is able to finally get close to the new hammer and he feels it calling for a Thor to wield it.

We get a final flashback at the time when The Odinson has lost the title of Thor after the events on the Moon. Jane Foster joins him in his quarters. She attempts to console him but The Odinson doesn’t listen to her at all. He simply leaves in order to wash his sorrows with drink. We return to the battle once more where our two groups seem almost evenly matched. However, through some quick teamwork, The Odinson is able to get an upper hand on the Collector which allows him to get close to the hammer. He steps up and grabs a hold of the hilt. The Unseen simply utters the phrase, “What began with a whisper now ends with thunder”. This is where the issue leaves us.

Finally, I can say that I am on the same page with everyone else when it comes to this comic. I loved this issue. It had heart and action and everything you could want from a Thor book. Granted, it wasn’t perfect. The action sequence during the battle between The Odinson’s allies, the Collector, and Thanos’ servants was a bit difficult to keep track of and seemed really choppy with all the flashbacks woven between them but that’s a small nitpick. Overall, this comic showed The Odinson’s journey from beginning to end and gave us the biggest cliffhanger we could expect. I can’t wait for next month’s final issue.

Bits and Pieces

This comic finally brought me up to the same page as everyone else with this book. I’ve been a little hesitant and critical of this book in the past but this issue really brought it all together for me. This is the book I wanted with it was first announced and we’ve finally reached the climax of this story. It has heartfelt scenes, incredible action, and a cliffhanger that will stick in my mind for the next month. I can’t wait for more.


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