Monday, February 13, 2017

The Unbelievable Gwenpool #11 Review

The Unbelievable Gwenpool #11

Writer: Chris Hastings
Art Team: Myisha Haynes, Rachelle Rosenberg
Marvel Comics
Release Date: February 1, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99


I am an unapologetic Gwenpool fan.  I love this book and the simple premise it revolves around. Believe it or not, reading about somebody without super powers, getting involved in situations they have no business poking their head into the middle of, is the most anti-Batman thing to do, but I for one, a huge Batman fan, LOVE IT.  Now it appears that after the conclusion of the alien invasion arc Gwen’s been left on her own, friendless, depressed, and as a result now taking on missions that are nothing short of a death wish. So let’s see what our anti-heroine is up too this month and what or who she’ll stumble into exactly.

This issue starts with Gwen talking recent events over with Ronnie after returning from her latest successful mission.  Ronnie notes how she doesn’t really mind Gwen taking on these exceedingly dangerous missions, since she gets a cut of the profits, but does mention how Gwen seems to have a sudden ‘death wish’ with taste in missions lately.  The case in particular Ronnie’s referring to this issue, thats caught Gwenpool’s attention, is one concerning hunting down a certain blood thirsty vampire.

So Gwen sets off on this mission alone, armed to the T’s with classic vampire hunting weapons like stakes, garlic, crosses, a neck-brace for protection.  As she finally arrives in Doodkill, NY she quickly runs into the mayor.  This semi-fishy fellow gives her the complete low down of her mission including the fact she must follow one steadfast rule; “kill only the vampire she’s there to hunt”. A strange request but one Gwenpool promises to uphold.

As night falls and Gwen prepares for the worst she begins to notice various other undead creatures (skeletons and zombies for example) walking into one house in particular.  Investigating the occurrence further, Gwen decides its best to attack now, and ask questions later.   After taking down a couple of the ‘monsters’ Gwen is stopped by the town Mayor who decides its finally time to fill Gwen all the way in on the whole truth and nothing but the truth ... yeah OK!

Gwen now understanding the town dynamics; the Mayor is a Necromancer, who raises the former dead residents of town back to live, and they all continue going to go about their life, keeping to themselves best they can. A little strange but OK in Gwen’s book, that is until Blade comes to crash the party. Apparently Blade is the “vampire” terrorizing town. After a brief fight, Gwen relays what the mayor told her to Blade, and the two reach an understanding to let these fine undead people go about their business. Blade finds Gwen courageousness, to come here alone, admirable leaving her his number just in case she ever does need ‘real’ vampire hunting advice, then he heads off to deal with ‘real’ problems.

Just when you think all is well and good in Doodwood, NY Gwen discovers the real deep dark secret of the town, forcing her to make a call to Blade much sooner than expected as the book ends!

Overall this was a nice one shot addition to the Gwenpool line of comics by Christopher Hastings and a good place for people to jump on if they are interested in this character at all. This serves as a much better introduction point than the Marvel NOW #1 provided. In truth I’d actually call this a place holder issue in the scheme of things which allows Gurihiru, the regular series artist, to get some advanced issues in the series completed. However the quality didn’t take a dip and was a cool story that showcased Gwen’s recklessness in the face of being abandoned by her friends after recent events. That substitute art team of Myisha Haynes and Rachelle Rosenberg definitely got better as the issue progressed proving they can be a team that doesn’t just make me miss Gurihiru the entire time he not on the title.

Bits and Pieces

This one shot issue provides a nice little jumping on point for anyone who may want to dip their toes into the waters of Gwen Poole (aka Gwenpool).  As you’ve come to expect from this book the laughs are abundant, the art is on point, all coming together to provide a quick enjoyable story any comedy comic fan would enjoy.   


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