Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye #5 Review and **SPOILERS**

I Left My Heart In Muldroog

Written By: Jon Rivera 
Story By: Gerard Way & Jon Rivera 
Artist: Michael Avon Oeming 
Cover: Michael Avon Oeming & Nick Filardi 
Color: Nick Filardi 
Letters: Clem Robins 
Back-up By: Tom Scioli 
Editor: Molly Mahan 
Cover Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: February 15, 2017


Now that Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye is the best-selling comic book in the world,* I think it’s time the folks at Young Animal branch out into licensing and merchandising. Action figures and t-shirts are the obvious things. But what about a deal with some fast food chain to create the Crave Carson? It’s inspired by White Castle’s 30-pack Crave Case, but it could work in any restaurant. I also have an idea for Cave Carson’s Mauve Agave-Scented Personal Car Freshener Dongle. Gerard Way, give me a call. Everyone else, take a look at my review for Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #5! Right here!


Explain It!

I’m on the night pudding train, oh yeah
I’m on the night pudding train, whoa…

Cave Carson, Chloe and Wild Dog are treated to some Muldroogan night pudding, which as far as I can tell is basically psilocybin and/or LSD. While they trip balls, King P’Thrall tells the story of his people, about a Whisperer that bestowed technological gifts upon the Muldroogans, but then revealed itself to be a demon when a man named Kiyep cracked the crystal containing the Whipserer and was possessed by its power. His daughter Sildonna killed Kiyep, and then contained the Whisperer in the Temple of Palu’d, the one true god of the Muldroogans, which is deep within this subterranean world. That’s right, this temple is even deeper than this crazy society that is already like super deep into the planet’s crust. Later, King P’Thrall admits to Cave that after he whisked his daughter Mazra away with his suave and debonair ways, the King was unwilling to lose any other Muldroogans to the seductive surface world. So he made a deal with E. Borstein & Sons—a predecessor to Cave’s recent employer, EBX: he would give up some minerals and EMX would send down iPads and Blu-Ray copies of Paul Blart, Mall Cop. While this had an unwanted effect on the Muldroogan teen scene, Mr. Borstein—Edward, not Paulie, the King is specific to note—came down with his fungus monster-making serum and dosed the city. It worked too quickly, however, and Borstein’s men were also usurped. And what Edward B. wants is to release the Whisperer, which he cannot do without a member of the royal P’Thrall lineage, because that’s how locks usually work.
So this is why EBX has been chasing down Cave Carson, not so much for him but for Chloe who is half-Muldroogan royalty don’tcha know. Which we actually learned in the second issue, but we’re learning it again here as if it’s the first time. Okay, fair enough, it has been a bunch of issues since we brought it up. Though was that the crazy wraith Chloe accidentally released a couple of issues back, that made Wild Dog all suicidal and Cave see his zombified wife? While we ponder this, Chloe is skinny-dipping with the hot dudes they almost ran over with the Mighty Mole last issue. You can see a little nip and everything!
Let’s not forget that the EBX crew led by Ace Morgan has been hot on the trail of Cave and the gang, and somewhere along the line picked up Paulie and Poppa Borstein—and daddy is looking pretty fungal. He visits the site where Cave confronted Johnny Blake last issue, and communes with his fungal pals before turning one of the EBX employees into a gross-out monster. Later, they bust right into Sha-Muldroog and capture King P’Thrall for their nefarious work. Some of the EBX crew tries to revolt against Ace, but he knifes Johnny right in the gut! They somehow get off the Mighty Mole II and run to find Cave Carson. At that same moment, Chloe and the Muldroogan hunks are drying off on shore while being stalked by one of those strange cat-headed nuns that were lurking around Edward Borstein last issue, but Wild Dog beheads it and suggest they skedaddle to find Cave. Find him they do, and once everyone is back together Cave resigns to use his special cellular hotline—to Superman! What, you didn’t think Cave Carson knew Superman like that? They go way back. Unfortunately, since Cave got the phone, Superman changed his number. Cave bashes the phone in frustration, and looks up to see a horde of yucky fungus monsters swarming on his position!
All that, and another befuddling Super Powers backup by Tom Scioli. What a jam-packed issue! I loved learning a little about Muldroogan history, though it concluded with the reveal of information I thought everyone already knew. The artwork, which has always been unique and lively, seems even more frenetic and wild this issue, possibly because everyone ate a little night pudding at the beginning of the story. I really dig all the disparate elements coming together at the end of this arc, and I am thrilled to know how this all concludes. On to the next issue!

Bits and Pieces:

The extent of EBX's nefarious scheme is revealed and drugs are consumed, and not in that order. Oeming's usual ever-changing style looks even more dynamic in this issue, a by-product of either the substances consumed in-story or Oeming growing more comfortable with the series, or both. Whatever the case, I welcome it. This is one of the most unique books around and it seems to draw me deeper with every issue.



  1. People need to get involved in this. Its deceptively simple but each month its the book i look forward to most - high grade psychedelic pulp.

  2. My favorite YA title (only YA title as I have no interest in the other 3). Did you see that YA will be doing a book based on Bug, the Forager from Kirby's 4th World...Now THAT is what I'm really excited for.

    1. While Doom Patrol is still weird enough to hold my interest, I agree that Cave is far and away the best. Dropped Mother Panic except for the backup, and I couldn't even make it through the first issue of Shade.

      And Forager? Oh my gosh, I'm so excited for that.

  3. reggie, can you mention the sales numbers when you do your young animal books just so we can see what state the books are in? I cant see Cave getting past issue 12 which would be a terrible shame as its a high grade book

    1. January sales aren't in yet, but #3 sold 15,000.
      Here are the other Young Animal Book in December:

      Mother Panic #2: 18,000
      Shade the Changing Girl #3: 14,000

      Doom Patrol has been in the 30,000 range

  4. I don't think they are expecting astronomical sales for Young Animal I think the titles will continue even if they stay at their current sales I'm super excited for bug also. I love all the Young Animal animal titles with the exception of Mother Panic I can't believe the guy above couldn't get past the first issue of Shade that's insane to me because I love that book.

  5. Another stellar issue of Cave. Like everyone has been mentioning, YA is truly killing it right out of the gate, and with Bug! in May, the hype-train is only getting stronger. I even feel like Mother Panic is getting better after this weeks issue, or maybe I am just tolerating it better? I hope dc has the smarts to let YA simmer long enough to get the larger audience it deserves, instead of cancelling the line.