Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Odyssey of the Amazons #2 Review

That's What She Said

Written by: Kevin Grevioux
Art by: Ryan Benjamin, Don Ho, Richard Friend, Tony Washington and Saida Temofonte
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 15, 2017

I was not a fan of the first issue of this book, but after finding out that it was condensed down to six issues from the originally planned twelve, I decided to give it another look.  Really, the main issue I had with it (besides it not being the Legend of Wonder Woman) was the story and characters were just thrown at the reader with little to no explanation.  So, did the second issue give the reader something better?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with the Amazons face to face with the Trolls of the North.  While they try to reason with them, the Trolls just want one thing...blood!

It really looked like this book was going to end prematurely until the Vikings showed up.  After a bit of TMI about drinking urine, the Vikings/Amazon team up caused the Trolls to run away.

The next day, the Amazons and Vikings begin to bond and Hessia and her party even get some information about the giants who kidnapped their sisters...not encouraging information, but information all the same.

Before the Amazons can start on their way to get their comrades back, a mutiny breaks out.  Of course it's Narkissa causing problems again, but after all that Hessia has led them into, I can't say I blame her.

We then go off to see the captured Amazons and while they seem to be oblivious to what the giants want from them, it is pretty obvious and then is spelled out by their sorcerous Queen.  Basically, they will all be raped and bear children.  Oh goodie!

I know that Kevin Grevioux is going for a realistic look at the Amazons and their Odyssey, but while I wasn't having fun up until this point, I really didn't like this.  It might be me, but I read comics to escape the shitty stuff in the world around me and this might be shittier.

After the Viking equivalent to "that's what she said", we get a discussion of gender roles in the Viking world and that leads to both sides ready to fight to the death.  It all happened so suddenly and felt really forced.  It then just ends and the group is attacked by wolves.  The fight is only setup for the Amazon women to gain the Viking's respect, but before you can catch your breath, the book ends with another Norse enemy that actually fits well in this book.

I really don't like this book.  It was already too vague to understand, with little characterizations and no character development to speak of, but this issue throws in sexual undertones that are pretty dark and ugly and while I don't consider myself a prude, I just don't like that in the comics I read.  I'm all for a mature title, but this is mature in content only with no story to back it up.

I still do enjoy the art in this book, however.  Ryan Benjamin's art is good for the most part with just a couple of panels being off.

Bits and Pieces:

I think I'm done with this book.  It's boring and not well paced and just not that good.  I'm not sure what Kevin Grevioux is going for here, but I don't like it.  It does look good, but is a mess of forced social commentary wrapped up in a story that's darker than it needs to be.



  1. I haven't read a single thing he's written that I like. He sucked on the X-men during the Curse of the Vampire story he did so I knew this would be bullshit as soon as I saw his name on it. Glad I skipped it. I think if a mini is trash, you guys should get a pass after giving it 2 you some time.

    Superspic out

    1. i like your idea!!! I will keep reviewing it if only to let people know what's going on

  2. I actually liked this issue better than the first one. Now, if any of the captured women are actually raped by the giants, I'm out. I also side with Narcissa, and think that Hessia is a pretty awful leader. And the worst part is the conversation between the captured Amazons all addressing each other by name, since we have no idea who they are otherwise.
    But overall, I look at this mini as fun nonsense; a little dark and violent, but I can't wait to see how many other mythological figures they can throw at us in the remaining four issues. I look at it as ridiculously entertaining. But the art seemed to be a bit down th8s issue. I'm going with a 7. Not terrible, but not great by any means; and I definitely think it's not in any way for everyone. If you hate it, I completely understand.

  3. This would-be comic is as bad as Rucka's run on Wonder Woman. Azzarello brought depth and the Greek mythos aspect to the book and mr Greg has erased and made a clusterfudge story full of contradictory flashbacks and sexual innuendos. Worst of all Steve is an obedient puppy of Diana's rolling over on her every command. Sad when Meredith Finch took all the hatred and bile for no reason and Rucka isn't sent to the gallows for committing one crime after the other.

    1. I wasn't a Meredith Finch fan myself, but I am getting tired of Rucka a bit...and this is garbage! It makes me furious that this seems to be a somewhat replacement for Legend of Wonder Woman - a book that was just so much fun to read.