Monday, March 27, 2017

Daredevil #18 Review - Marvel Monday

Two for One

Written by: Charles Soule
Art by: Ron Garney, Matt Milla and Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 22, 2017
Review by: Aaron Anderson

I hope you were not holding your breath waiting for this review. If you had you may have turned purple...

I had missed the previous 17 issues of Daredevil and was hoping this was a good jumping on issue. I was not disappointed, but I was surprised that it felt like I had never left. Except for the fact that our dashing, daring do gooder DD is now an assistant DA, and everyone that knew Matt Murdock was Daredevil doesn't know that fact anymore. It is pretty much status quo from the last time I was reading Daredevil's run.  Which brings us to this issue. In this issue the pieces to the memory wipe story have finally started to show themselves. Maybe?

We begin with the all to familiar Matt Murdock crisis of conscience cathartic cathedral confessional moment with Father Jordan. Matt gives the Father the four eleven on the Purple Man! Just the mention of the Purple man ups the ante in any story. Given his propensity to use innocents and those closest to you to kill you.

The artwork used to describe this macabre part of the story really evokes the physiological disconnect from empathy the Purple Man has as he goes through life.

Back in the story after the Purple Man murder montage. We find out Killgrave wants his children, and to that I say WHY? Who wants children anyway? Purple Man has 5 and when they are close to him his powers are amped to over 9000! (Still not a good enough reason to have kids).

Killgrave has control of 3 of the little purple nurples, and now he wants the other two. The two kids that remain free have run to Daredevil for help. They need his protection and help freeing their brothers and sister from their fathers control. In the end though the little purple pills send Daredevil on a trip down memory lane for a couple more issues it looks like.

Bits and Pieces:

At first read I really like this story. Probably about a 7.5 out of 10. BUT... As I did my do diligent research since this is a #18, I went back and read as many issues of Soule's run as I could get my hands on and found out that this run is moving extremely slow. This is a part 2 of the Purple Man story and I didn't even notice that it was, till my second read through. Most of the time that is a good thing. It means the writer is keeping you well abridged of all the pertinent information. In this case though there has been no real pertinent information given out in months regarding the mind wipe of the worlds memory of Matt and Daredevil being one and the same.



  1. Oh Jim your puns never fail to deliver. I enjoyed your review more than the comic itself and it was good indeed. Soule knows what he does with the character and expands on the already rich history of Matt in new bold creative ways. 7.0/10

  2. lol...while my puns are usually spot on, this was Aaron's review!