Monday, March 27, 2017

Spider-Gwen #18 Review - Marvel Monday

Sitting In A Spider Family Tree

Writer: Jason Latour
Art Team: Robbi Rodriguez, Rico Renzi and VC's Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 22, 2017
Review by: Christopher Hyden

*Non-spoilers and score at the end*

With this issue we get the conclusion of the six part crossover with Miles Morales' Spider-Man. Miles is searching for his missing father and the hunt has lead him to Earth-65 where he teams up with Spider-Gwen. Up to this point, a sort of mild romantic affinity has been established between Miles and Gwen as they battle time displaced S.I.L.K Agents and a man who looks very much like Miles father...a man going by the name Scorpion.

Our issue opens with our heroes being separated into different Earths in the multiverse. Gwen lands in the future on Earth-8 outside a high rise that her Earth-8 self shares with her husband Miles. Earth-8 Gwen and Miles are away on they're second honeymoon to celebrate they're twenty blissful years of marriage, meanwhile have left Peter Porker to house-sit and watch they're two teenage children. It takes Earth-65 Gwen a few moments to let all of this sink in before she pleads her case for help saving Miles and his father.

Meanwhile back on Earth-65 Miles encounters his real father and learns the truth of his disappearance. Miles' father, Mr. Davis, had stolen a dimension jumping tech from S.I.L.K labs similar to the one given to Miles by Maria Hill. Mr. Davis explains that he came to Earth-65 to stop Scorpion and S.I.L.K from mastering interdimensional transport.

Back on Earth-8 Gwen with the help of her two Earth-8 children finally succeed in convincing a reluctant Peter Porker to help save Miles' bacon (haha). They jump dimensions just in time to save Miles and his father from Scorpion and a horde of S.I.L.K agents. Miles, Gwen and the the future Earth-8 Spiders make quick work of the baddies and Gwen comments to Miles that she had no idea that a brighter tomorrow could exist.

The issue wraps up with Miles and Gwen alone on a rooftop as they work out they're feelings for one another. Gwen decides that she doesn't want to feel like fate is forcing them together and two decide to be friends, for now.

Bits And Pieces

This was a fairly satisfying conclusion that left the door open to more crossovers down the road. The writing for this issue was solid and the pacing felt very on point. I've never been a fan of the way  Rodriguez draws faces, particularly Gwen's, but the art was solid in other areas and the colors were as good as they always have been for this book. Obviously if your new to Spider-Gwen this may not be the best jumping on point. However if you've been on board since the start of this arc then I think you will be satisfied with its conclusion.


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