Thursday, March 30, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 3/29/17

Five From the Fifth Week

Whenever a month has five Wendesdays, the fifth one always has slim pickings. Particularly for DC Comics, whose bi-weekly shipping schedule is tied specifically to the four-week month. Luckily, there were a gang of Hanna-Barbera crossover Annuals in the mix to choose from! Plus, a new issue of Dark Knight III came out, and just those variants could have populated the list. If most of them didn't suck, that is. But they could have! What covers did make the grade? Keep reading to find out!

Kamandi Challenge #3 variant
Amanda Conner & Paul Mounts
Here's a cover that gets a lot of points for composition. Red top and bottom, yellow on the sides, the main characters being menaced in the center. It's a regular Indiana Jones movie poster!

Justice League of America #3
Ivan Reis
The intensity of these figures practically smooching in the foreground lends this cover a sense of urgency. The fact that the fella on the right is practically a photo negative of Lobo helps this perception. It's like Lobo is about to eat his own face.

Booster Gold/Flintstones Annual #1
Mike Allred
At first, I was like, "Five Booster Golds?" But no, it's just Booster sliding down the back of a Brontosaurus at quitting time like ol' Fred Flintstone. You won't have to press me too hard to enjoy some Mike Allred artwork, and I'd be surprised if Laura didn't do the colors here too.

Green Lantern/Space Ghost Annual #1
Ariel Olivetti
The composition here is very dynamic and reminiscent of about two dozen other Green Lantern covers, but I am really in awe of the technique. Ariel Olivetti also did the interior, and I think you ought to give it a look (if you haven't already.)

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #8 variant
Bill Sienkiewicz?
There are about seven variant covers for this issue, and I think my credits are incomplete...but I would guess this one was done by Bill Sienkiewicz. Many apologies if I'm wrong! This could be an oil painting of Don Quixote if it weren't an expressionistic scene from the original Dark Knight Returns. Suitable for framing.


  1. I will give it to Dark Knight III for having some of the best variant covers I have ever seen.