Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #8 Review

Don’t Mess With ‘Wonder Mother’

Written by: Frank Miller & Brian Azzarello
Art by: Andy Kubert, Klaus Janson, & Brad Anderson
Cover Price: $5.99
Release Date: March 29, 2017

Say what you will about me and my tastes in comic books but I for one have really enjoyed the Dark Knight III: Master Race. I consider it to be a solid addition to what is now a ‘Trilogy’ of stories that admittedly vary in quality.  Despite an asinine release schedule and a few crazy turns in this story, where some reader’s interest may vary, I feel like we’re getting glimpses of a possible Justice League reforming in the back ground to finish this threat off once and for all, which really hits me in the feels. With that being said let’s stop forcing you to read about my crazy theories, probably mostly wrong, and get to some thoughts about our newest ‘better late than never’ issue.   
Events start with Carrie Kelly still reeling from Batman’s death a few issues ago; unaware Superman was able to resurrect ol’ Brucey via a Lazarus Pit. Those concerns are quickly alleviated for everyone in the ‘cave’ when Superman returns with a healed, younger, and very sexy looking Bruce Wayne draped in nothing but his finest ‘cape and cowl’.

Meanwhile on Amazonia, Wonder Woman stands with Supergirl, having betrayed the Kandorians she stood with until last issue, protecting baby Jonathan from the impending attack, since the group also means to kidnap the young child as retribution for what was done to Baal.  The two groups ready to engage in what will be brutal all out warfare, Wonder Woman alerts the group in the Batcave of the impending attack, and Superman rushes off to help.

Although the Kandorians have arrived in Amazonia with the bulk of their forces left they quickly learn that they have underestimated their opponents greatly. Since they have entered what is considered a ‘magical place’ the Amazons weapons can piece their skin, block their attacks, and in general as a people show no surrender under any circumstance, which appears to catch the Kandorians off guard. Wonder Woman leads what appears to be a mostly a slaughter as things end with her approaching the doors of Amazonia to have them open and reveal Superman, who late to the party but she plants a big ol’ smacker-roo on him none the less.  

Despite winning the battle the war isn’t yet a complete success as it appears Supergirl is once again lured off by Quar’s wives amongst the chaos. The issue concludes with Flash, as he contacts Superman and Wonder Woman, calling them into duty back in ‘Man’s World’ because of a nuclear threat, which seems to be Quar’s final ploy having been defeated at all other turns.

Overall, while the issue feels it ends a little suddenly, it was another action filled adventure issue featuring mostly Wonder Woman commanding and kicking ass along the way. I’m not thrilled with the end results of Bruce being de-aged as a result of his Lazarus Pit resurrection because it removes a large part of what makes this Batman so interesting to me, mainly the age of the character and how it therefore plays into his state of mind and attitude.  However I still enjoy what I’m reading and the main narrative of the story is wrapping up in a satisfying way which makes plausable sense when dealing with formerly bottled super powered Kryptonians. Face it this isn’t something your jumping into at issue 8 so you’re either invested or not at this point and I’m still enjoying myself, so take that for what it’s worth.   

The art style throughout the entire run has been homage to Frank Miller’s style of yesteryear and if that’s something you enjoy it continues to be present here. Although for some reason I can’t put my finger on, maybe the coloring, I find this issue to be one of the weaker in the arc so far but don’t find it hinders the storytelling in any way. 

I don’t think DC has added any more issues beyond the planned ninth and final issue coming out ‘soon’ but it does feel like there is still a lot of wrap up. This complaint centers around mostly heroes featured in the minis that have been placed throughout individual issues, who have yet to really be addressed in the main title outside for a few brief snippets. As I said in my introduction my hope is a Justice League forms to end the Quar’s final threat once and for all, which would give the mini-books inside a nice purpose, otherwise it was just ‘fun’ needless material, for the most part, to add a dollar to two to the cover price. 

Bits and Pieces:

While it’s not without its flaws this story continues to be a worthy addition to Dark Knight lore for this Batman fan.  If you’ve stuck around for this long in the series, through the delays, you’re treated to an epic battle issue, light on Batman, but heavily featuring Wonder Woman and the Amazons in all their glory. 


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  1. I agree completely with your whole take here...except I don't mind Bruce being younger. It doesn't have to mean he doesn't still have all the experience of the older Bruce. It's just his body's not so broken anymore, which will help in a final battle if we are getting some kind of reconstituted Justice League. I like that idea a lot too. This would make an interesting alternate reality JL movie. Stand alone. Not as part of a series or sequel. Think they'd ever do something like that? It would be pretty bloody. Like "300" bloody, which I'm not usually into but...I could see it.