Monday, March 27, 2017

The Unworthy Thor #5 Review and *SPOILERS* - Marvel Monday

All for a Damned Hammer

Written By: Jason Aaron
Art By: Olivier Coipel, Kim Jacinto, Pascal Alixe, Mat Lopes, Jay David Ramos
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 22, 2017
Publisher: Marvel

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Honestly, Jason Aaron is one of my favorite writers in comics right now. Anything with his name on it is an automatic buy in my opinion. Unfortunately,  this series has felt a bit dull up until this time. It just doesn’t hit the same level of quality as his other books at the current moment. However, it is far from a bad book. Honestly, we are getting some exciting stuff. The Odinson seems to be getting the Ultimate Thor’s hammer and he’s going up against Thanos’ henchmen. So while the book has been a bit lackluster, I’m expecting this finale to really blow me away. Lets just jump right in an see, shall we?

Our issue begins with The Unseen. We’ve all assumed that The Unseen was Nick Fury but we learn that this is not the case. Whether we are talking literally or metaphorically has yet to be seen. We immediately cut back to where we left off. The Odinson has grasped the handle of the hammer and begins to lift it. As he touches the hilt, he gets flashes of his former self and once again holds on to who he was but just as we are waiting for him to lift the hammer, he lets go claiming that the hammer is not his. Proxima Midnight and Black Swan attempt to claim the hammer for themselves but The Odinson uses his arm of Uru and releases a blast of energy knocking them and The Unseen out of The Collector’s base.

Next, The Odinson faces off with The Collector. However, thanks to the help of his new friends, they are able to release all the caged beasts which allows The Odinson to get the upper hand. The Odinson uses the opportunity to free Asgard from The Collector. The Collector demands to have something brought to him but his henchmen tells him that nothing remains and the only one left is him. The Collector sees him as the last of his kind and takes pleasure in taking his life. We cut to Thanos who addresses his team who has failed him. He turns his attention to The Unseen. It seems like he will take their life but The Unseen suddenly releases a tremendous power on the other two members of the team. This is when The Unseen reveals their identity.

It is non other than Hela, Queen of Niffleheim and she promises to give Thanos what he wants most: Death. The two embrace and lock lips before we cut away. Asgard is back where it belongs but The Odinson continues to refuse to lift the hammer. He tells Beta Ray Bill that no god is worthy and that is what Nick Fury whispered in his ear that made him unworthy. He told him that Gorr was right and The Odinson bought into it. Our new team enjoys some mead as they await their next adventure. At the end we see a shadowed figure approach the hammer and lift it up. It is non other than The War Thor, or the Ultimate Thor and our coming soon promises a saga of the All-New Ultimate Thor. This is where the series ends.

Seriously?... We’ve waited all this time… for THAT? First off, this entire series has been about The Odinson and his path to redemption and at the end he refuses to take the hammer? Granted, there is an aspect of him maturing and not needing a hammer to lean on but it just seems to undermine this entire miniseries. In addition, we’ve been waiting to know the words spoken to Thor that made him unworthy and that’s they best they could do? REALLY? Gorr was right made The Mighty Thor unworthy? There is enough in this issue to praise but honestly, this issue did so much wrong. This went from a dull series with good aspect to an angering and mind bogglingly bad issue.

Bits and Pieces

Some of the biggest questions in the Marvel universe are answered in this issue and they fall flat. Honestly, I’m not sure any answer could have been satisfactory after they made such a HUGE deal about this for so long but there had to be a better option than this… The panel composition in this issue is amazing and the art is great but ultimately this issue is disappointing and left me scratching my head.


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  1. It's so lacking in creativity. It's like Marvel editors and writers have all these ideas they want to implement (the Thor Whisper, Inhumnas vs Xmen, Civil War 2 etc..) but the execution and the finer details are so lacking.

    Hemingway himself likened writing to icebergs and it seems the creativity at Marvel is tip heavy. No substance.