Thursday, March 9, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 3/8/17

Slim Pickings

It was a relatively light week for DC Comics, and perhaps for that reason I struggled to find five covers worthy of the coveted Best Covers of the Week list. But find them, I did! In theory, as long as DC puts out three books and at least two of them have variants, I should be able to put together a list. In fact, I think this happened in the last week of 2016. Anyway, enough reminiscing! Let's look at the best comic book covers of today!

Mother Panic #4 variant
Shawn Crystal
Okay, I don't love the way Mother Panic is rendered on the cover. But I do love that it's made to look like a pulp paperback, and the title being written in the lights of office buildings.

Detective Comics #952
Eddy Barrows
This image reminds me of the movie Serpent and the Rainbow, which is a fairly middling film. Batman's expression here makes the image, though it's rendered expertly.

New Super-Man#9 variant
Bernard Chang
Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive...but faster and more powerful than a speeding bullet train? I love the silliness of this cover, including Kenan eating a hot dog.

Earth 2: Society #22
Bruno Redondo
Is this the last issue of this series? This cover almost makes me want to check it out. Nice, triumphant shot of some interesting-looking characters, reminiscent of some classic images of the DC Comics Trinity. Earth 2, we hardly knew ye.

Superwoman #8
Yasmine Putri
Here's another book I stopped reading, but this cover sure looks intriguing. The multi-colored Kirby Krackle seems to add a dream-like quality to the image. The variant cover for this was no slouch, either.


  1. I didn't know that Superwoman was a tie-in with Superman reborn

    1. I didn't read it, but I'm guessing it's more of just a follow-up to what was happening with Lana in the previous issues.

  2. I love the Earth 2: Society cover. It's reminiscent of Darwyn Cooke to me. A very Golden or Silver Age feel, but with the new versions of the characters. Very nice! So sad it's the last issue.