Monday, March 6, 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming Prelude #1 Review - Marvel Monday

Writer: Will Corona Pilgrim
Artist: Todd Nauck
Colorist: Vero Gandini
Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham


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For the little screen time Spider-Man had in Civil War, I thought they made great use introducing him into the Marvel cinematic universe. I figured giving this title a chance we’d get a little bit more character development before his upcoming movie. Let’s see what this has to offer fans excited for the relaunch of the beloved character.

We jump right into Spider-Man swinging through New York and stops a van from crashing into a city bus. We’re given no explanation why this car was so reckless. But I guess this was just to show him being super for a moment.

Now put in your Captain America: Civil War DVD for everything else that happens in this issue. The focus completely moves off Spider-Man and gives us several scenes of the Avengers from the movie.

The focus moves back to Spider-Man for the final few pages. Only to re-hash the scene in Civil War where Tony Stark pays a visit to Peter’s home to hit on Aunt May and recruit Peter.

This issue was a missed opportunity to give us some backstory on our main character in the cinematic universe. The issue should be getting us even more hyped for the movie. Instead, you’re paying money again to see scenes from a movie you’ve probably watched several times.  The art is very generic and shows the lack of care put into the idea of this two issue prelude. Marvel, you should have put this out for free in a cereal box.

Bits and Pieces:

Instead of buying this book, you can either buy or rent Captain America: Civil War and get everything in this issue plus more Spider-Man.

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