Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Flash #18 Review

One for Me, and One for Me Mate

Written by: Joshua Williamson
Art by: Jesus Merino, Andy Owens, Chris Sotomayor and Steve Wands
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 8, 2017

I have really enjoyed the Flash book since the Rogues showed up, but one other thing that has peaked my interest is Kid Flash looking for his daddy.  I liked this Wally the instant he showed up in the New 52 and the only thing I didn't like was him being sidelined almost immediatley.  That's not the case recently and him looking into the whereabouts of Reverse Flash makes sense and has me excited.  So, does this Sins of the Father arc start off with a bang?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with Wally having a little daddy (and uncle) issue in a dream before heading with Iris to meet up with Barry.and his Father.  After Henry almost spills the beans about Barry being the Flash, Wally heads out to get in some running in.  We get a bit of a recap of the Wally/Reverse Flash situation as well as enough background of the Flash in general to make this an okay jumping on point for new readers.  Wally finally admits to looking into his father's whereabouts and it sends him and Flash to Louisiana and Belle Reve Penitentiary.

After a small mention of the recent Justice League vs Suicide Squad Event, Barry and Wally head inside only to be attacked by mecha guards and then scowled at by Amanda Waller.  Scowled at and lied to which might have been the end of this whole wild goose chase except Barry decides to ask an old friend about Revers old friend down under.

Of course that means Captain Boomerang and of course he's up to no good.  This time it's just picking a fight with three much bigger guys and after the brawl, the shit really hits the fan.  I'm not sure if I believe Boomerang's story of what he is doing, but the cliffhanger might as well have had "That's not a knife" in it because I think Crocodile Dundee is now part of DC continuity.

This is pretty much a setup issue, but that's what I expected going in.  While I would have liked a little more progression than the connect the dots we got here, I did laugh at the cliffhanger and I love any time Boomerang shows up in any comic.  As a fan of Sean Ryan's Suicide Squad run, I am still a little nervous what story they will go with as far as Reverse Flash is concerned and I really want to get to that now.  I said it earlier, this is a good jumping on point for new readers, but those who have read all the Rebirth issues may find this issue lacking enough meat to bite into.

Jesus Merino joins the growing ranks of artists on this book and does a fine job.  Actually, I really like the look of this issue and while the trades of this book may have some transition issues, I am judging it by this one issue and this one issue looks really good.

Bits and Pieces:

Joshua Williamson starts his sins of the Father arc by getting everyone up to speed and then slowly going forward.  Not a whole lot happens in the form of answers, but we do get Boomerang and the closest we will probably ever get to Crocodile Dundee in a Flash book.



  1. J-dub showed show much promise at the start of the Rogues arc. Then it just died out. It was cool to see him interact with Boomerang but other than that, like you said, nothing happened. I did like the continuity between JL vs SS and this book with the things Flash said. However, there better be continuity since J-dub wrote that story too. So if he can't do continuity within his own shit, then he may be a moron

  2. Did I miss Amanda Waller return from the dead on the third day or something?

  3. "A few Wednesday ago." I see what you did there JW, well done.