Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Supergirl #7 Review

His Hair was Perfect

Written by: Steve Orlando
Art by: Matias Bergara, Michael Atiyeh and Steve Wands
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: March 8, 2017

Now that the Cyborg Superman threat has been taken care of, I'm hoping this book will take off.  While the idea of Kara's cybernetic father trying to return Argo City to the living for his daughter sounded cool, the actual story was lacking if you ask me.  I'm going to chalk it up to Steve Orlando getting his feet wet with the character and now that he has six issues under his belt. I'm expecting big things.  Is this Werewolves of Krypton story just that?  Let's find out...

The issue starts with a cold open with Supergirl and Dr, Veritas in the Scabbard.  They're chatting it up about a recent escapee that Kara helped bring in and that leads to talk about Lar-On.  If you don't remember, he is the Kryptonian with a mean streak for Zor-El...and is also a Kryptonian Werewolf.

Steve Orlando does a good job of giving just enough explanation to make Dr. Veritas make sense here, but may have gone a bit far in the explanation of Lar-On's affliction.  I'm guessing that there aren't many Lar-On fans out there, but the minute you tell me a werewolf isn't affected by the moon, that's the minute I check out.  Orlando tries to keep the moon on the playing field, but it just feels forced as the issue goes on.

What am I talking about?  Well, Dr. Veritas wants Kara to go into Lar-On's mind as an Energy Twin and figure out why the old guy is at war with himself.  It's one part non-explanation and one part amateur psychology guess what that equals out to?  You guessed it...nonsense!

Kara starts her (not so) fantastic journey seeing that Lar-On's father was not nice to his son.  Basically, that's really all you need to know.  Sure, Orlando manages to lessen the red kryptonite part of the story while giving readers some of the most wooden dialogue I've read in a while, but after running circles, it's back to the father.

So how is the moon involved?  It's a trigger that causes anger that causes him to be a werewolf.  Man, if having your father tell you you're not good enough to be something special makes you a werewolf, someone better load the silver bullets and take me out during the next full moon!

The issue ends with Kara saying goodbye to her mother, Alura, at the Oceanside Memorial Park and getting a visit from her cousin.  I'm guessing this has to do with Saturn Girl and Emerald Empress, but we'll have to wait and see.

This is a classic case of a filler issue.  I know that we get these now and again, but it feels too soon here, especially since this is a monthly book among a sea of twice a month books that are killing it.  Maybe this is what happens when a writer is on a monthly, a twice shipper and a mini series. Oh well, we do get the solution to the problem nobody cared about, Lar-On and while it was nice to see Supergirl in action, it was just silly and not really in a fun way.  I am sitting here and can't come up with a reason not to skip this issue.

Either Matias Bergara was hired because his story fits Brian Ching's so well or he is the Rich Little of artists.  This issue fits right in with the rest of the series and while I am not enamored with the look they gave this book since Rebirth, I actually like it here a whole lot.

Bits and Pieces:

This is a silly filler issue that is almost fun, but ends up being forgettable and worse yet, skippable.  The art was good, but there is nothing about this issue that makes me want to recommend it to anyone.  As of now, I'd wait until Saturn Girl and Emerald Empress show up to worry about anything going on here.



  1. This book is so disappointing. I had high hopes for a good Supergirl book and this is just not good. It's on the chopping block once the Saturn Girl and Emerald Emperess stuff comes out if it doesn't pick up it's gone.

    Superspic out

  2. I've read the issue and I'm sorry but I completely disagree. I thought it was a good, touching story. And since it solves a subplot, even if it was minor, I wouldn't call it a filler issue. It isn't the best story ever, of course, but IMO, it deserves a higher note because its not barely average either.

    " It's on the chopping block once the Saturn Girl and Emerald Emperess stuff comes out if it doesn't pick up it's gone."

    Well, I think it IS a good book, even if I have issues with the Cyborg Zor-El arc. Anyway, given that this book is currently selling better than the final issues of the previous Supergirl solo book and sales have become stable, I doubt it's on the chopping block.

    Supergirl's previous books survived Joe Kelly and Scott Lobdell's runs. Supergirl's current book will be fine.

    1. Well i think a key difference in sales would be the supergirl tv show is out now

    2. actually, the month that the new 52 supergirl book was announced as canceled it sold 26,272...last month, this book sold 26,240. Take into account the hype behind Rebirth compared to what was going on at the time in the New 52 and this book is doing way worse.

      And when Jose said chopping block, I think that he meant on his pull list, not DC.

      However, it is not selling well and in comparison, Issue #7 of the New 52 sold 8,000 more.

    3. the story revolved around unexplained science..."energy twin", completely changed Lar-On's backstory to fit a cliched plot and ended up explaining that he turns into a kryptonian werewolf because the moon reminds him on daddy issues. nonsense!

  3. "Take into account the hype behind Rebirth compared to what was going on at the time in the New 52 and this book is doing way worse."

    No, no really. Yes, this book has been bleeding readers out, but the drop between the fourth and fifth issue has been slight. So yes, sales are becoming stable.

    "However, it is not selling well and in comparison, Issue #7 of the New 52 sold 8,000 more."

    Please, note I said the FINAL issues of Supergirl's FIFTH and SIXTH books. I didn't say anything about the sales of the first issues of the New 52 book.

    My point is back in 2011 and 2014 Supergirl's book wasn't doing well, but the character got another solo book, so I don't get why someone is so absolutely sure the book is about to be cancelled.

    If Jose merely means he's about to drop it, then it's more understandable. Otherwise his comment makes no sense.

    "he story revolved around unexplained science..."

    That wasn't unexplained science. Veritas' machine created an energy duplicate travelled into Lar-On's mind and relayed information back to Supergirl's mind. It isn't weirder or more unexplained than a machine makes your soul or mind leap into someone else's head or any other piece of classic comic-book pseudo-science.

    The plot didn't change Lar's backstory at all. All we knew about Lar-On is he was an Argonian who turned into werewolf due to Red-K poisoning, was banished to the Phantom Zone, and his family was dead. This issue added to it and didn't contradict anything.

    "and ended up explaining that he turns into a kryptonian werewolf because the moon reminds him on daddy issues."

    No. He turns into a werewolf because Red-K poisoning. His "daddy issues" -his rage, his frustration- are merely the trigger. The issue explicitly says this.

    Which makes him too similar to the Hulk, IMO. But that isn't the point.

    It isn't more nonsensical than someone turning into a werewolf because of radiation of red rocks, IMO. Let's think of it, wasn't it said Bruce Banner's rage stems from his childhood issues?

    "Daddy issues" are a cliche? Yes, of course. It's an overexploited concept. However, everything it's a cliche. What it's important is what a writer does with that cliche.

    I didn't care for Lar-On having "daddy issues" but Orlando didn't take the easy route and turned his father into a monster. The man didn't beat or insult his son. He merely tried to talk his son out of his dreams because he thought he was setting himself up for a letdown. Poor parenting, but at least it isn't outright abuse.

    I'm sorry this issue didn't work for you, but I liked. And I didn't find it nonsensical.

    I enjoyed Kara's characterization, struggling across a nightmarish landscape, beating a pack of monsters, trying to reach a little children out. I loved how she told Lar you shouldn't stop dreaming only because your dreams may be impossible, and how she tried to help him fulfill his dreams. And I liked the two final scenes.

    So, yes. I thought it was a good issue because I liked Kara's characterization, and I found many scenes touching.

    It's also got good grades in other places. I was suprised the story got a 5 out of 5 in Superman Homepage because the reviewer has been very critical with the past arc. Not that it must make you change your position, of course, but it looks like a good number of reviewers was satisfied with the issue.

    1. I'm glad you liked it. It tied up the Lar-on story, but after what I thought was an over extended and down first arc, I felt that this sort of stand alone issue felt off in a book that ships monthly. I saw some say it was a good issue to catch your breath, but the race has barely begun. I did look on comic book roundup and the avg score is a 6.9/10

    2. And I don't think it will be cancelled anytime soon, but that's more because of the importance of the character, not sales

    3. As an aside (if you are still checking)...what was your take at the end when the monument of those who died in the Cyborg Superman invasion was a piece of Argo City?

  4. Ohhh anonymous we can always count on you for a nonsense argument

  5. Yes, when I use the term chopping block it refers to my pull list

    1. I figured that's what you meant...unless you speak for all of DC (which you should!)

    2. I may be Superspic, but even I have my kryptonite. I thought my meaning was pretty clear, but I've noticed Anonymous likes to ramble and "hear" the sound of his own voice