Saturday, March 11, 2017

John Carter: The End #2 Review

Written by: Brian Wood & Alex Cox
Art by: Hayden Sherman
Colors by: Chris O’Halloran
Letters: Tom Napolitano
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 8, 2017

So far we’ve crash landed in Barsoom and are seeing a possible divorce in the making. We weren’t given much in the first issue besides a brief set up. I’m hoping the story kicks into gear this time around. I need something to get me more excited to continue the title.

The issue jumps to where Queen Dejah has arrived at the palace where her “son” is. After entering the palace she’s greeted by a bystander who is happy for her return. She describes seeing a war zone and misery in the Barsoom. I really would’ve enjoyed if we were given a few scenes of her traveling to the palace. Giving us a look into the current state of the planet and the warzone her son has created. But the focus is more on getting to the point of having the two meet.

We join John and his new friends traveling over the city in a new ship? Where the last issue ended, doesn’t give us any clue to how they acquired this ship. But why would you trust flying over the city that just blew you out of the sky? They set themselves up again to only be attacked by drones, which fire off needles that only kill the green aliens. All we gather is that John’s “son” has something to do with this.

After getting far enough away, John and the remaining green alien arrive at the outskirts of Barsoom to meet the Green Rebels. John is reunited with an old friend and they suit up to take back Barsoom from its new leader.

We end this issue with Dejah finally speaking with her “son”. It’s explained that Jeddak is her own son’s child. Dejah and John raised them as their own. Obviously, they did a shit job of it or he wouldn’t a killed a child in the first place. But Jeddak’s main motives for taking over Barsoom besides being nuts is he holds a grudge towards John since lying to Dejah and abandoning him in space.

A dull issue this time around with more minimal dialogue. The dialogue we do get doesn’t move the story along as much as you want. The stuff they skip of over would’ve been more interesting to see than what we got. Jeddak’s motives aren’t flushed out any more than the previous issue and give us more set up. Nothing is being explained and feels stretched out to make the page count. I continue to enjoy the artwork. Only wish I could have the same enjoyment with the story. Probably have one issue left in me to see if they can win me over.

Bits and Pieces:

If you were hoping you’d get more story in this issue you’ll be disappointed. We’re given the same minimalistic dialogue stretched out. It feels like the story has moved an inch since last month. The art is very enjoyable to look at, though!


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