Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Avengers #6 Review - Marvel Monday

Avenge This!

Written by: Mark Waid
Art by: Mike del Mundo

Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 5, 2017
Review by: Aaron Anderson

Vision kidnaps Kang the Conquer as an infant and the new rotation of Avengers Falcon America, Nadia Wasp, Hercules, Thor Foster, and the Spectacular Parker-man has to deal with the ramifications of Vision's peculiarly rash actions.  Let us slide down the time tether and see the ever morphing time loop-hole life that Kang the cross-time kingpin has led or will lead or will never have led.

Starting to review a comic at the end of an arc is not advisable. Add the fact that it is a Kang the Conquer time jump with multiple Kangs from across time. We go from six Avengers in issue one to sixteen Avengers in issue six. Plus the interlaced story that is seeded involving the decimal issues that I thought were just neatly contained back stories from the Avenger archive. A simple review this is not.

Mark Waid is weaving an marvelous tale. There are some flaws but its shining moments allow you to gloss over the chips in the paint. He really is selling you your first used car. These Avenger issues really are bits and pieces of old stories dusted off made a new again with little tweeks and added things that you are willing to just go with because it's yours and its familiar.


Waid gives the best explanation to the many facets of Kang the Conquer/Immortus/Scarlet Centurion/King Tut and how he is able to run the gambit on the time stream. It makes so much sense that it doesn't make sense. If you want to know that back story go get the back issues. I have to dab my nose bleed and look up aneurysms on Rx.com.

In this issue the Avengers call in the First Avengers and the 80's Avengers to run like a bull through Kang's cross time crime operations. Full role call would be Nadia Wasp, Thor Foster, Falcon America, Vision, Future Vision, Spectacular Parker-man, Hercules, Giant-man, Wasp Van Dyne, Iron man, Hulk, Thor Odinson, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Namor, She-Hulk, Black Knight.
They have broken up into smaller teams to cross time and space to individually but at the same time blow up Kang's operation strong holds in order to send an explosive whip effect back at Kang at the end of time rendering him inert and capturing him.   I have no clue what I just said there I believe I was in a trance.

I have been enjoying every avenger issue in Mark Waid's run. The stories are compelling and I really have been feeling I get my money worth out of each issue.  The covers by Alex Ross are jaw dropping every issue.

Mike del Mundo, his art is better suited with busier backgrounds and more action and motion going on. Which for me to say I find odd normally I feel the painted comic book style has trouble conveying action sometime. Mundo's art I feel doesn't have that problem.

Bits and Pieces:

That said the last two issues involved lots of talking or periods of time at the end of time where there was nothing happening in the background. Which draws your eye to the character, and in his style the characters are wonky and misshapen making the comic give you the impression it was rushed or wasn't properly cared for. I am still one very interesting and happy fan though.


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