Monday, April 10, 2017

Royals #1 Review - Marvel Monday

Inhumans...In Space

Written by: Al Ewing
Art by: Jonboy Meyers, Ryan Kinnaird and Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 5, 2017

Jumping into the Inhumans part of the Marvel pool has been a pretty exciting, if not a lonely experience.  Seriously, there are not a lot of people that I come in contact with that are Inhuman fans and while I listen to their arguments against them, I am still going into this with an open mind.  I liked last week's Inhumans Prime as a wrap-up/set-up issue for what's to come, but this is the book that I had my eyes set on when agreeing to take on the Inhuman's books for our Marvel Mondays.  Al Ewing joined by on of my favorite artists, Jonboy Meyers?  I'm in.  So, how was this first issue? Let's find out...

The issue opens five thousand years in the future for a gloomy (yet awesome looking) peek at what is to come for the Inhumans.  We get a prophecy, a hint at what's to come and a look at a very, very old Inhuman.  It's a pretty cool way to start the series, even if it doesn't really point to better days.

Al Ewing then gives readers a one page background on the Inhumans before throwing us into the "now"where Medusa and Gorgon are dealing with the last new Inhuman.  Things aren't going so well until Flint and Iso show up, but that is all put aside when they get a call from New Attilan.  It seems that Marvel Boy is all about telling secrets about secrets, but mainly, the secret of who the Inhumans really are.

Marvel Boy tells Medusa, Black Bolt and the rest that the key to the Inhumans starts on Hala, the Kree Homeworld, but that is just the beginning.  As the Inhumans line up to join Medusa on this expedition, I could only think of one thing...Inhumans in Space?  Inhumans in Space!!!  You may not know my theories on comics, but one of them is "everything is better in space."

The issue continues with Medusa explaining that this mission is a mission of hope, but also a way for the Royals to gain penance for all the wrongs they have done.  With everyone jumping aboard, they have seven, including Marvel Boy, which is right in line with the ominous information we learned at the very beginning of the issue.

Before heading off to the cosmos, we get to see the seven say their goodbyes and it's a combination of heart tugging and evil foreshadowing that will play out later.  Then we see the Starship Astarion and I got excited, but then the issue ends with a bit of a downer showing not all is well with the Royal Family.  It does put a more urgent angle on the odyssey ahead, but for now I just want to get to space and beyond!

This is a good jumping on point for anyone who hasn't been an Inhumans reader, but has wanted to check them out.  Al Ewing gets the reader up to speed without holding their hand too much.  He shows you what's what with the characters more with actions than words and I hope that type of characterization continues.  As far as the overall story, I love books about quests and journeys and having it in space gets bonus points and I am really looking forward to what's to come.

Jonboy Meyers left DC's Teen Titans to do this book and while I was sad that happened, I didn't mind while reading this issue.  It looks fantastic!  His character designs are incredible and I can only imagine what he has in store for the reader as the series continues.

Bits and Pieces:

Al Ewing sets up his Inhumans story by making it very new reader friendly and promising a grand old space traveling epic.  Jonboy Meyers art is fantastic and I can recommend this to anyone looking to jump on the Inhumans trolley.


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