Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Batman Beyond #7 Review and *SPOILERS*

Batman's Night Off

Written By: Dan Jurgens
Art By: Bernard Chang, Marcelo Maiolo, Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 26, 2017

*Non Spoilers and Score At The Bottom*

Goddamn did I get pissed off at the end of the previous issue when the Bat Signal went up in the sky and Terry McGinnis simply scoffed at it because he wanted to get into Dana's pants.  Yeah, maybe he had deeper reasons on why he decided that he couldn't be Batman 24/7, but from my perspective...... at least how I think I'd act, I'm thinking that he's just had a dry spell for awhile and wanted to get all romantic with Dana while Barbara Gordon and Curare got themselves killed by the League of Assassins.  Hopefully things don't go that far and Terry snaps out of doing the dumb shit and saves them because finding out that people died because Batman refused to be Batman would just be a downer to the point where I think everyone would lose respect for Terry's Batman.  Let's jump into this issue and find out and hopefully discover what's up with his prototype Bat suit and why Bruce says that it will eventually kill Terry.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with Bruce reminiscing about the old times and how he sacrificed happiness for his mission, plus a little bit about the people who helped him along the way that makes you think that Damian might show up pretty soon in the book.  Bruce has to snap out of his head and his thinking that he's been too hard on Terry over the years when Matt comes a calling because even he knows that the Bat Signal is on and no one is responding to it.  Yeah, Terry's still too preoccupied to go and answer the call, even though Dana even starts trying to get him to go and after Terry refuses to take Bruce's call, he's finally made aware of the situation going down at the police station when Bruce, Max and Matt call Dana's phone instead and Terry's left feeling like a gigantic piece of shit when he finds out that Barbara's life is in danger.  

In the end, Batman raises to the scene and takes on all the League of Assassin ninjas that have been trying to kill Curare and Barbara, but the problem is, Terry's going a little too hog wild on these assholes and even though Bruce is pleading for him to return because apparently the prototype Bat suit that he's wearing makes you go all wild card on everyone's asses before it kills you, Terry has to stop and find out why Curare is in town.  As our issue closes, we see a vid screen showing the Demon's Head rallying up the League of Assassins to fin ally take over the world and we're left with Terry wondering if Ra's Al Ghul is still alive, but with how hard they were pitching Damian to us at the beginning of the issue and how Bruce seemed to have driven the boy away, I'm guessing Damian decided to take up the other side of his family's business and become the leader of the League of Assassins.

That's it for this issue of Batman Beyond and while this was a really fast read that did a lot of reiterating things that we learned in the previous issue, I have to say that beginning and the end of this issue was really decent and for the first time in a long time, we got to see Batman go in and kick a lot of ass without him getting his ass handed to him in return.  The art and colors in this issue were great and even though there wasn't a lot going on here, the cliffhanger and all the Damian talk got me really interested in seeing what Damian Beyond will look like and how he'll be depicted in this series.

Bits and Pieces:

This is a fast read that reminds all of us about things we already read in the previous issue, but even with that there were things that I found myself really enjoying from this and they actually got me excited for what's to come.  The art was great all around, I just hope that we don't have to spend too much time going forward with Terry being a sad sack for his inability to act in the previous issue.



  1. I love batman beyond.. especially when i was a kid, i loved the animated series.. this book is on my pull list and i cant wait for things to get pumped up again.. especially at the last story having revealed that the joker still lives.. now ra's is also still alive.. nice ����

    1. Crazy theory: Could it be Damien? Seemed a weird thing to talk about the Robins and mention Damien twice and then say "Especially Damien"

    2. That's what I wrote in my review

  2. Is it just me, or didn't Bruce already know that Terry was wearing the prototype suit? Now he's asking again? Is it Alzheimer time for Bruce; or just sloppy continuity and lazy writing?
    Besides that, good issue. And it it were Ra's, they woulda done gone and showed his durn face already...

  3. oh yeah, total Alzheimer's situation going on here. Twenty issues from now I totally expect Bruce to start talking to Matt about the prototype suit.