Monday, April 24, 2017

Daredevil #19 Review - Marvel Monday

Purple part 3

Written by: Charles Soule
Art by: Marc Laming, Miroslav Mrva and Matt Mila

Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 19, 2017
Review by: Aaron Anderson

The re-disguising of The Daredevil story arc continues. As we continue to learn how Daredevil's good deeds and a little self discovery leads him back to the good graces of anonymity. With the Purple Man in control Matt has to battle with his thoughts. The real Nightmare of the Tech age, the dreaded self reflection.

We open in Zeb's Pub, Zebediah Killgrave's mental plane battlefield of choice. Everything is cast in an eerie purple hue. Matt Murdock is seated at the bar instantly questioning everything, especially the fact he can see. We find out the bar is filled with different versions of DD past and present and a few of Matts closest friends. It is clear this is a battle of the minds between our villain and hero.

Killgrave wants to know what is the worst thing Matt could ever do. That one thing he could never forgive himself for, the thing that to him would taint his soul the truly unforgivable.

Matt is not entirely certain what the answer is to that question. He wisely uses that fact to stall, but Killgrave wants to get on with the killing. They show up at Kristen the girlfriend's place. Matt having gone through more girlfriends then Marvel has gone through renumbering titles says meh that's not the worst thing that can happen. Cold Matt cold.

Daredevil can normally fight off the pheromones that Purple Man emits. I believe this fact is directly related to his super human senses and his training. This time though Killgrave has his five children in a machine that amplifies his powers. With it he can control the whole world, and he does with Daredevil's coaxing. Because Daredevil's worst fear is...laziness.
Killgrave, as you would imagine hates this answer, but not as much as he hates some face to computer console action that DD gives him.

Charles Soule has written a excellent story involving one of my favorite Marvel characters. Which makes every issue frustrating when it draws to a close. Leaving you Pissed Off it only comes out once a month!

Bits and Pieces:

In my opinion though I think Soule and the colorist, Milla, could use a little help in the art department to sell issues. With a consistent artist or someone more dynamic this could be a fondly remembered run of Daredevil everyone would suggest picking up for years to come. Soule's writing and Milla's colors make this arc cohesive.


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  1. Normally Goran Sudzuka fills in for Ron Garney I liked this art a lot but would rather if had Sudzuka.