Monday, April 24, 2017

Deadpool #29 Review and *SPOILERS* - Marvel Monday

See You On Tinder

Written By: Gerry Duggan
Art By: Salva Espin, Ruth Redmond
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: April 19, 2017
Publisher: Marvel

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*This review contains SPOILERS for the ‘Til Death Do Us.. storyline*

Deadpool’s having a bad time of things in this storyline. First he was fighting with his wife, now she is trying to take over Manhattan, then he gets Dracula to help him fight her and instead the two end up getting engaged. Needless to say, this issue will be a big one and will most likely end with Deadpool and Shiklah no longer being together. It’s a sad affair but things between the two of them haven’t been good for a while now and maybe it is best for them to go their own ways. However, if Shiklah has her way, she will have taken over the surface and will kill every human in Manhattan. So… you know… bad times. Let’s jump right in and see how this whole thing ends.

We begin at the ceremony as Shiklah and Dracula agree to marry each other. Deadpool and Spider-Man are currently restrained and unable to stop anything and the ceremony goes through without a hitch. The two kiss and begin their plans to take over the world by combining their two people. Down in Monster Metropolis though, the vampires and monsters are in all out war and they seem to be voicing their distaste for the path their leaders have led them down. This is when a familiar voice comes in and tells them there is another way. It is none other than Ben Franklin’s ghost. He’s a recurring character in the Deadpool series. He tells the monsters and vampires that they can self govern and become an underground democracy. They must fight for it though.

Back on the surface, Deadpool and Spider-Man are able to free themselves of their restraints and quickly head down to Monster Metropolis to clear this whole thing up. When we arrive there we see Shiklah and Dracula attempt to take control once again but their people aren’t listening anymore. They are done living under a monarch. Luckily Spider-Man and Deadpool jump in and an all out brawl begins. Spider-Man takes on Dracula while Shiklah tackles Deadpool into a pile of rubble. After a bit of fighting, Spider-Man is knocked into the same rubble where he finds Shiklah and Deadpool having sex instead of fighting. He immediately leaves and after they have finished, the two talk about why they are fighting. Shiklah plants one last kiss on Deadpool which knocks him down for the count before she leaves.

She stops Dracula from killing more of their people by telling him that she plans to leave. If her people don’t want her to rule, then she doesn’t believe that she should and the two leave to spend their marriage together. In the aftermath, Deadpool realizes that his ex-wife has left and he unfortunately is left flipping the bill for the damages to the city. However, in the course of receiving those documents, he receives a letter from Shiklah. She tells him that she doesn’t still care about him but she is sorry because she jumped into their marriage too fast as well as her role as a queen. She tells him that she is going to have her fun with Dracula but that she may look him up for a booty call sometime in the future. Deadpool throws the letter away and remarks that his relationships usually ends with a corpse and it’s nice to see he can find new ways to fuck up. This is where the issue leaves us.

Talk about a bummer of an issue. Honestly, it doesn’t really capitalize on the rest of this storyline. It’s a disappointment on that front. However, we’ve finally seen the end to Shiklah and Deadpool’s marriage and once again, Deadpool fans are in for a long haul of depressing Deadpool. It’s gonna be a rough ride for the foreseeable future. For such a goofy and funny character and comic, there sure are some dark parts to this Deadpool run. Honestly, that’s what makes it so special. I’m not sure I would say that I’m looking forward to the future but I love this book so I will be buying the next issue. Overall though, this crossover events started off great but ended on a sour note and wasn’t particularly well written. After all, the big turn came from a character that hasn’t been involved in any of the story up to this point. It’s just a shame.

Bits and Pieces

This crossover ends on a sour note for our main character but also for readers who were expecting a big finale to really cement the end of this chapter in Deadpool’s life. However, it kind of just ends and is mostly cause by a character that hasn’t shown up in Deadpool since All-New, All-Different Marvel began. It has decent art and it has a solid ending but it’s not very satisfying in any sense.


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