Thursday, April 27, 2017

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week 4/26/17

Heroes Triumphant, Heroes in Peril, and Lobo

Boy, there was quite a batch of great covers on some DC Comics this week, whittling this list down to five was rough. Luckily, my professionally arbitrary method prevailed and I was able to refine it to a definitive list that cannot be disputed. But before we check those out, I want to give Honorable Mentions to the variant covers for Hellblazer #9, based on M.C. Escher's Hand With Reflecting Sphere, and Doom Patrol #6, adapted from the psychedelic cover to Doom Patrol vol. 1 #119, because I just like it when art parodies or pays homage to other art. And heck, while we're here, let me give a nod to Chris Burnham's variant for Teen Titans #7, because I happen to like it a lot. But it didn't make the cut! Read on to find out which ones did!

Action Comics #978 variant
Gary Frank and Brad Anderson
This is just the way we all want to see Superman, red trunks or no. All clutching Lois in one arm and holding a helicopter aloft with the other. Superman's face is so expressive here, at once pained and resolute. In most comics these days, you're lucky to get two dots and a line.

Justice League of America #5
Ivan Reis
What did I tell you fraggin' bastiches before? I love Lobo. And this cover is just a ton of fun, very gory but also well-balanced with a wild Lobo occupying the top half of the image and his victims on the bottom. The gradient from dark green to red/full color is also a nice touch.

Kamandi Challenge #4 variant
Carlos d'Anda
Mr. d'Anda, you're Dandy-A. This is such a simple and effective cover. Mind you, I am a big sucker for King Kong, so that might play a role. But the composition and subtle coloring seems to add a thrilling element to this still picture.

Batgirl #10 variant
Francis Manapul
This image looks like it's coming right off the page, and packs more information in a cover than some comics do in twenty pages. Not naming any names. But this is the kind of thing that would entice me a read a comic more than the promise of a ping pong match. Just saying. The broken monocle is everything, a microcosm for my life.

Batman/The Shadow #1 variant
Cliff Chiang
There are like five variants for this comic book, and most of them look pretty good. This one is the best, I think, because it is a great study in the economy of form. You've got the Shadow, you've got the Bat Signal, what more do you need to know? The implication that the Shadow is casting his own Bat shadow is not lost, either. Very cool.


  1. That variant by Cliff Chang is so good makes want to buy it

    1. Same here although I always buy Cliff Chiang variants because he's amazing.

  2. Didn't make the cut but I really liked that White minimal Batman Beyond Cover.