Monday, May 8, 2017

Black Bolt #1 Review - Marvel Monday

Writer: Saladin Ahmed
Artist: Christian Ward
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: May 3, 2017
Cover Price: $3.99

So we’re on to operation ‘Make Inhumans a thing #230’ and this time around Black Bolt is getting another solo book. I’ve tried getting into the Inhumans a few times, but the only time I ever really preferred their books was the Quiet Room story during Secret Wars. I never really know what it is that makes me end up coming off of the series’ but it’s almost inevitable that I’ll like the Inhumans’ book and about 7 issues in or so I’ll just fall off. Almost as if there is always a great idea to start it off, but it never makes a good transition to a bigger story. With Black Bolt, I’m expecting somewhat the same result. Not only due to the story, but with Marvel Legacy eventually coming around I’m guessing a lot of books will get the axe. So I come into this book with a little trepidation.
We first kick off with some narration as if we’re being told a story from someone else’s perspective in the future. With Black Bolt being shackled and in a cell not fully knowing where he is or what has happened. Before really taking into account the narration I was actually pretty thrown off by the start. I’ve recently tried to read up on Royals and was left confused on the timing. Mixed with the washed out more stylized art style, the start left me almost wondering what we were actually jumping in on.

Eventually Black Bolt will escape his chains and realize he’s in a prison. He still has a device on his head so he won’t be able to use his voice, which leads him to believe the chains and cell were just for show and someone just wants to toy with him. He tries to rescue someone seemingly being tortured but is too late to make a difference. Soon after, he is met by other prisoners looking for a fight. Black Bolt’s name or stature has seemed to gotten around and everyone’s looking to make a statement.
This battle ends up helping Black Bolt weaken and eventually break off his mouth constraint. With that finally off he starts to make his way to who possibly has him here while he makes a couple realizations that will eventually lead to our conclusion.

Overall I thought this was a pretty OK start to the book. The art and beginning sort of threw me off a bit as to where this was taking place, but after a few pages was able to just go along with it. I like the idea of what we’re working with, but I feel like there wasn’t enough actual draw or conflict for the first issue.  

We get an idea for the conflict and struggle, but Black Bolt in space prison just doesn’t shout interesting and fun read for me. I was more interested in how he ended up here and the other end of that story than I am in how he actually deals with being where he is.
Bits and Pieces:

The story that’s set forth is interesting enough, but I end up more interested in the set up to this book than I am in the plot going forward. Between that and the stylized art that wasn’t really my speed I found this issue sort of lacking something to draw me further. The cover is absolutely amazing though.

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