Monday, May 8, 2017

New 52 Review Podcast ep 5: Justice League International Vol 1 - The Signal Masters

Jim and Eric continue their journey through the new 52 with Justice League International Vol 1 - The Signal Masters.  With Booster Gold and Guy Gardner on the team, it has to be great, right?  See what they have to say about it!

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  1. I like booster gold.. i hope he comes back in continuity and then punches wonder woman in the face since she's the reason he ceased to exist, way back in the last issue.. since wonder woman and new52 superman is no longer together, he can comeback with skeets!! I didn't read the convergence part of booster gold though, feels like there's something important there that i missed..

    1. not are 100% right - no Superman kissing Wonder Woman = Booster Gold back!!!