Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Superwoman #10 Review

Where's My Super Suit?

Written by: K. Perkins
Art by: Stephen Segovia, Art Thibert, Josh Reed and Hi-Fi
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 10, 2017

If you listen to our podcast, you know how impressed I was with K Perkins and the job she did turning this book around last issue.  My guess is that DC gave her the last shot at making something good out of the mess and I think she did just that...and then some.  After last issue, I am fully on the Superwoman trolley and can't wait to see how Perkins deals with a non powered Superwoman.  Of course, with Steel (and especially Natasha) already in the book, I have already guessed what we will get.  So, will we see a super suited Lana blasting into the sky this issue and is it as cool as it sounds?  Let's find out...

The issue opens with Lana in a world of hurt, but also powered up.  We have to wait to see what that's all about was we go back in time to see a bit of important history with Natasha Irons.  It's always nice to get more Natasha (I love her!) and this sets up how smart she is while also showing us her scumbag father and cute brother, Zeke.

We head off to see Natasha, John and Lana at dinner and get some nice talk between Nat and Aunt Lana which transitions into some bad dreams for our Superwoman.  That's nothing new for this book, but I have to admit, the back and forth in this issue was a bit confusing and jarring.

We then get to the best part...Lana putting on the Insect Queen suit at Steelworks and taking it for a test run.  Well, not really a test run, but a test in the Deprivation Chamber.  I can't say that everything here made sense...we see Lana's recent and recurring dreams and so does John and Natasha.  That's a big thing for John since Lana hasn't been telling him much lately and hopefully will help Lana stop being such a b**** to him.

As for the suit, it eventually activates and while I can't say that I understood all the reasoning behind it, it was necessary for this book to continue and I'm all for it!  After a bit of a demonstration of Lana's new (old?) powers, we get another dream that shows Lana every superhero has some doubts, even Superman.

The issue ends with Lana really taking the suit for a test run and it leads us back to what we saw at the beginning of the issue.  It's pretty scary and very, very personal for Lana.

This issue felt like a necessary evil.  I think "evil" might be a bit strong, but K Perkins needed to get Lana powers and she did...but the issue felt like a means to an end because of it.  It wasn't as fun as last issue, but it does set up an interesting story that will tie up some loose ends.  I am still all in with this new direction, but I am just a little more reserved than I was last issue.

I did like Stephen Segovia's art a lot.  Everything looked great and while we jumped around in and out of dreams and time, Segovia's art made it all look great.

Bits and Pieces:

Superwoman #10 dealt with the major thing missing from this book after Superman Reborn and while that was very necessary, it wasn't as fun as last issue.  I loved the art and am still on the trolley, I just hope this was a little bump in the road for Lana Lang and Team Superwoman.


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  1. This is a million times better then what we have been getting. Not flawless but definitely more readable and enjoyable. Even with no idea what was really going on I can just go with it since what we had to just go with before was NONSENSE!