Saturday, May 13, 2017

World War Tank Girl #2 Review

Wilco Foxtrot

Written by: Alan Martin
Drawn and Lettered By: Brett Parson
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: May 10, 2017
Review by: Ryan Douglas
I hope you’ve given this title a chance if you’re reading this review. These Tank Girl miniseries’ have been hidden gems in the list of comics coming out each month. Between the clever writing, great artwork, and the publishing quality. This is a book you read when you want to step away from books that involve friends fighting friends, space battles, or Jem & The Holograms. You’ll get plenty of laughs and great action. Let’s catch up with our displaced goofballs.

We jump into the issue with a quick scene catching us up where Booga ended up after getting sloppy drunk in front of Nazi soldiers. He’s been placed in a yard with high ranking officers and 1930’s actor David Niven of all people. Booga’s interrogation is set for tomorrow and he know’s he must get out of this hell hole. Looking over he see’s David Niven who seems to be releasing dirt from his pants, from possibly digging a hole in a cell. After distracting a guard in David’s favor, Booga approaches David and tells him he caught onto his doings and wants in on David’s escape plan, turns David was only releasing some poo down his pants. But luckily there is a plan in the works and Booga has joined the escapees. We’ll leave Booga to figure out the works and come back to him later.

Now we catch up with Tank Girl traveling in a brightly colored tank like a target waiting to be spotted. Along with her still is the Captain and Sergeant from the previous issue. Doesn’t take long for Tank Girl to be fired upon by a rare tank destroyer. Tank Girl notices there is no turret and comes up with a strategy to outsmart the Nazi’s smoking them out in her foul ways. Let’s put a pin in this for a minute and see what Barney is up to.

Barney and her new best friend Clifton Morse come across Colonel Prentice Merton staked out in a house watching on as a Nazi army is barricaded on a bridge. The Colonel updates Barney on the situation letting her know they must take bridge before sunset to avoid the bridge being wired with explosives. Don’t worry though Barney is more than welcome to offer her assistance.

The issue jumps back to Booga with David Niven and a prisoner who could possibly be Chuck Bronson? Night time has come and the escape plan has begun. In order to move things forward, David asks a favor of Booga to help clear the path. Unfortunately, not all the escapees can be trusted leading Booga having to break free from this botched escape plan fast. Here I feel the conclusion of Booga’s escape was a little too convenient to move the story forward. But I can still go with it.

Early that next morning, we find Barney leading Cliff and the Colonel into a dress shop, in order to acquire special equipment to beat the Nazis. Anyone will get a laugh seeing the twisted idea Barney has in mind. Which later brings back an ongoing joke from the previous issue. This leads to the team having to take cover from rounds leaving a someone wounded in the crossfire. Luckily though Barney gets on the horn and the pieces start to fall in place to reunite the friends. This will lead to bloodshed and tears as the team comes together somewhat. Vague? I know, this book is a must read.

Bits and Pieces:

Mini-series like this don’t come around often. Another well-delivered issue from Alan Martin and Brett Parson. Besides a nitpick I had with the plot, this story continues to follow great pacing leading us into a satisfying finale. Reading this series it radiates the fun Alan Martin and Brett Parson are having putting this all together. While the issue follows the formula of the previous issue, it’s only used to connect the dots in the end. The team may be together for now. But there’s always a new setback to arise in this world.